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MARCH 16 CASTLE POCK Catherine Jones will lead us on this favorite trip.


This is the Strategic Air Ground Environment installation which was set up to detect any enemy planes or rockets which might approach the coast of Northern California, Oregon, or the Southern Washington coast. The whole installation is in one high building which contains computers, radar, etc. for this type installation. The tour will be taken to all parts of the building and should be of great interest to all adults.

Because of the necessity of a list of all members of the tour to be sent ahead to Camp Adair and because we will be expected to arrive together at a given time, this will be a bus trip. The bus will leave Harris Hall at 1:00 p.m. sharp and should be back by 6:00 p.m. The charge is $2 per person which will cover fare and trip fee. The busses will take us right to the door, therefore, there will be no need for heavy clothing or rain gear. The whole trip will actually be inside this one building so any comfortable clothing and shoes should be OK. There is a Lunch room where food and drink may be purchased reasonably.

Because of the complexity of this installation it is not recommended for children Young adults would probably understand and find it interesting and worth while. We have been asked to limit the number to 50, therefore, the first 50 Obsidians who signed up at Gilberts will make the trip If we do not have 50 Obsidians sign up we can take others. Please do not sign up unless you intend to go as this list must be sent up several days ahead and we will be checked at the gate. Only those on the list will be admitted.

MARCH 31 RIBBON PARK TRAIL Margaret Markley is the leader and asks to be met at the City Park block at 9:00 a.m.

APRIL 7 ROOSTER ROCK This is an old time favorite. Always interesting and is going to be led by Helen Hughes. This trip is one that every time you make it it is different.

APRIL 13 SATURDAY WORK TRIP at the Lodge Mac is the boss and wants you, you, YOU.


GLACIER PARK is the site picked for our Camp Markley. Camp dates are Aug. $ to 17. Camp committee chairman, Jim Jeppesen, is going to make every effort to make this a bus trip. Depends, of course, on the sign up. Costs and other details to be worked out. Selma will be our cook. Nuf Sed.

SUMMER CAMP RALLY NIGHT will be April 27 at the lodge starting off with a pot-luck supper at 6:30. Come out and see all and hear all.

CHAIR FUND CONTRIBUTORS Names to go onto chairs now are: Olga Mortensen (hers is a birthday gift from a very dear Princess) Clare Hamlin, Daisy Hamlin, Terri Hamlin, Miner Hamlin, Nancy Hamlin, Sunny Hamlin, Anna Pechanec, G.W. and Emma Wright, Don Hunter, Gary Hunter, Wayne Hunter, Helen Landes, Clarence Landes, Mac McWilliams, Nellie McWilliams, Dorothy Towlerton.

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