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Vol XXIII APRIL 1963 No. 7

APRIL 13 WORK PARTY at the Lodge. Mac has been doing some cleaning there and needs help. He has a number of things in mind. Call him for further information.

APRIL 20 & 21 SPEOLOGY AT WORK This will be the first trip of this kind and will be over in the Bend area. There are more than 45 caves in this area and the trip will be headed by Bob Ashworth. Frank Moore intends to be along,too. One important detail about spelunking is that weather has nothing to do with it.

APRIL 21 CRATER LAKE BUS TRIP To Crater Lake by bus is very popular with us and and has always been a fun trip. Ray Sims is leader. Call him. NOW.

FRIENDLY HOUSE PIC NITE is Monday, April 22, at 7:30 ... bring some pictures....... you'll enjoy seeing Obsidian activities on the screen.

FOLK DANCE APRIL 18 & MAY 2 & 16...Oh, ye climbers...folk dancing is a good way to limber up for climbing's a lot of fun too, so come to Obsidian Lodge-7:30 to 9:30.

APRIL 27 SUMMER CAMP RALLY Starting off with a pot-luck at 6:30. To find out all about it come on up. There will be movies and stills of the area.

APRIL 28 is a trip out to the Happy Hunting grounds of Chief Hoot Owl and his Teepee, Squaw and papooses.

MAY 4 & 5 will be an overnight flower trip to Josephine Co. with the Wesley's.

May 4 & 5 Another spelunking trip. This one to the Lava Beds National Monument in Northern California where the Modocs led by Captain Jack held off the US forces so long by utilizing the various caves and natural trenches here. Reputed to be over 300 caves here. Led by Bob Ashworth Sign-up at Gilberts.

MAY 8. CLIMB SCHOOL HARRIS HALL This marks the first meeting of the climbing school. The whole schedule will be announced at this meet.

MAY 11 The Portland Zoo, picnic in Wash. Park nearby. Then a tour of the National Rhododendron Test Gardens with Gene and Virginia Sebring. Sounds wonderful.

PRINCESS DOINGS 17 Princesses met at Helen Weiser's home March 18. Those who purchases Sarah Coventry jewelry at the February meeting, were pleased to receive it, and out of the total receipts the treasury received $10.22. This large amount was made so by additional purchases of Hostess Elsie's son John. Princess Lightning reported on the Gold Bond project, completed registration, and the electric griddle was selected as first item to work for.

ATTENTION ALL OBSIDIANS When you turn in your Gold Bond Stamp books for premiums you want, please ask that the back covers be validated and returned. Or, if your book is one of the newer ones with no extra back cover just ask the clerk for a "Donation Certificate". Full books will be accepted gladly as they add 700 points. Back covers add 10 points. Turn in your full books or back covers to Nellie McWilliams or Thelma Watson.

A PIANO HAS BEEN ADDED Through the good graces of Dorothy Scherer the Obsidians are fortunate enough to have the loan of a piano from Mrs. W.H. Dale of Eugene. She does not need it at the present and is glad for us to use it at the Lodge. If she needs it again sometime, it will, of course be returned. Bob, Anita and Chkck Dark moved it on their trailer. Thanks so much.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS-John Lee, Lenore and Richard McManigal, 741 E. 38th; Lee Cooley, 2285 Sandy Dr.; Rick Craven, 59 Sally Way.

NATALIE and BOYD MORGAN played at Sun Valley March 18-22. Blanche Bailey, Florence Fulton and Helen Kirkpatrick visited the Dance Night group March 21.

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