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VOL. XXXIII MAY 1963 No. 8

The Obsidian Board of Directors cordially invites you to attend the Clubhouse Dedication - May 19th

On Sunday, May 19th, the formal dedication of the Obsidian Clubhouse will take place This will be a heartwarming moment for every Obsidian.

The program for the day is as follows:

2 PM to 6 PM.
Public open house. The Princesses acting as Hostesses; the Chiefs as guides.

6:30 PM.
Sunday Potluck Supper. This event for members and their friends and special guests only.

Dedication ceremonies to follow dinner. Clarence Scherer, Presiding. Presentation of guests and speakers. Margaret Markley, dedication.


The May 19th Sunday Supper will be sandwiches, Salads and Dessert. Please bring your own tableservice as usual and a generous supply of your assignment of food, by alphabetic designation. Sandwiches: Names from A thru H. Salads or chips names from J thru R. Desserts: names from S thru W.

It is hoped that everyone will turn out for this important event. Please bring as extra bit of potluck to accommodate any guests we may have.

From a plan that had its beginning back in 1927 to satisfy man's desire for the best of fellowship, the Obsidian Club evolved. Its history is interesting and a fine clubhouse has always been its dream.

Today the Clubhouse is complete, and it is a fine one. Many people and many years have shared in its making.

We will show our fine clubhouse to the people of Eugene. All members are urged to ask their friends to visit. They will also have an opportunity to learn a little about the club and the wonderful friendships that have been created through the club activities.

Displays will be there to view, and the Chiefs will be on hand with a ready explanation. The Princesses will serve refreshments for the visitors.

At 6:30 we will have a Sunday night snack followed by a short dedication service. We know you will enjoy the event, and there will be plenty of time allowed to visit with your long time trail friends.

OUT OF TOWN MEMBERS..are specially invited to attend. The event will not be complete without you. We ask that you make a real effort to join your friends Sunday May 19th.

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