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Obsidians were shocked to learn of the untimely death of Adeline. She was a long time member of our organization, a life member and a Princess. Princess White Heron. The love and esteem in which she was held by all who knew her was attested by the large number who paid their last respects to her at the funeral services held September, the 28th.

October 18
VIVIAN LAKE -Donn Chase - leader

October 25
TWIM BUTTES - Thelma Watson - leader

November 1
SIMS BUTTE - John Refsnider and Rhonda Johannis - dual leadership.

Novmeber 8
SADDLE BLANKET MT. Dorothy Towlerton leads


October 19, 7:30 at the home of Helen Weiser on Coburg Road.

FRIENDLY HOUSE October 18, Sunday Nellie McWilliams will be showing pictures of old churches and covered bridges.


Leo PASCHELKE'S mother passed away in Eugene on the 24th of September.

MIKE McCLOSKEY'S father died, September 29th. For thirty years Mr. McCloskey had been professor of English and Literature at the University of Oregon.

Our sincerest sympathies to Leo and Mike.

MAC AND NELLIE McWILLIAMS are back home after a visit with Mac's mother in Wyoming

CATHERINE JONES, assistant professor of business education at the University of Oregon has been awarded her Ph.D from the University of Colorado.

CHUCK DARK home on leave from the armed services. Chuck and his dad Robert, went over into Eastern Oregon on a deer hunt and brot back two bucks. Good Hunting.

LOUIS AND ROXIE WALDORF also are home again after vacationing up in Canada. On the way home they took in the "Mazama's Annual Old-Timers Party" held in the Mazama lodge up on the slopes of Mt. Hood. More than sixty "Old-Timers" attended and stories of the past were recalled with each story told being as improvement over the preceding one until it was thot they had better call the whole thing off and go to their beds.

Jack Whitney is back home after the longest vacation of them all. Jack has spent several years in the armed forces.

GENE RENARD heard from; he makes a standing offer to lead a hike anyplace (almost) on Oahu any week end and says to bring mud clothes and a sense of humor. Aloha!


On August 20, 1964, the Wilderness Bill (S4) was finally passed by Congress after nearly eight years in debate.

Many conservation groups over the whole country have worked hard and long to save THESE LANDS THAT MEAN SO MUCH TO EVERYONE. so that everyone may enjoy them. These lands were known as Primitive Areas at first, but in 1939 the Areas of 100,000 acres became known as Wilderness Areas and lesser areas as Wild Areas. Then as early AS 1951 THE LATE Dr. Howard Zahniser, executive director of the Wilderness Society and the late Dr. Olaus Murie, President of the Society, both advanced the theory, at the Wilderness Conference held by the Sierra Club in Berkley, that the Wilderness Areas should be made into law just as the National Park act of 1916. Only a short eight years ago, our own, the Late Hon. Richard L. Neuberger introduced the first Wilderness Bill in Congress and the battle has been raging ever since. Even a new Wilderness Bill was introduced by Hon. John P. Sayler in the 88th Congress.

We in Eugene held a "hearing" a number of years ago when the Forest Service moved the Western boundary from the Three Sosters Wilderness Area from the South Fork of the McKenzie to Horse Creek taking 53.000. R.S..

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