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January 18th Saturday

Margaret will take us on a picture trip of her recent globe circling tour. You will hear about the far-away places Margaret visited in her always interesting manner. A display of souvenirs is also planned.

Our regular Saturday night at the Lodge will be an INTERNATIONAL EVENT. "Markley" your calendar for January 18th,

The 6:30 p.m. potluck will be a special event also. Bring your favorite foreign dish; a casserole, salad or dessert for a real INTERNATIONAL AFFAIR. Saturday-January 18th at the Obsidian Lodge.

January 16, Thursday. Dance night will again be attempted. If you think that you would like to get in on this better do so because if enough interest is not shown these will be dropped. 8 o'clock p.m.

January 27. Monday. This is the regular Obsidian picture night at Friendly House. 8 o'clock p.m.

CHEMEKETANS ANNUAL BANQUET will be held Saturday, January 25, 1964 at the First Presbyterian Church, corner of Chemeketa and Minter Sts. Tickets will be $2 and reservations must be in not later than January 22. Children under 12 will be 75¢ and the hour is set for 6:30 p. m. A. T. Homer of the Oregon State Game Commission will be the speaker and will show movies. Order your tickets from Kenneth Jennings, 1595 Glen Creek Rd. Salem, Oregon


Now that Christmas is out of the way and we are starting a New Year start thinking about your Gold Bond Stamps and validated back covers and send them to Nellie McWilliams.


Location? In our own Cascades: in a location that we have never been to before. And rated tops by those that have been. Just about on the divide and just south of Mt Jefferson. Will camp by a clear and cold spring-fed lake called Table Lake. This will be a hike-in pack-in camp, the first we have had in several years. The Camp Committee realizes that some members will not be pleased, while others will be more than pleased. However it was thought a number of years ago that summer camps should be staggered with a drive in one year and a pack in the next. This takes into consideration both kinds of campers. Some of the committee members have been in this area and became quite enthusiastic about its possibilities as a Summer Camp site. This will be from August 2 to August 15th inclusive.


It always gives us pleasure to welcome new members. The following were accepted at the Board meeting:

Dr. John Bascom, 2114 University
Ruth Bascom, 2114 University
Janet Trione, Jr, Corvallis
Susan Scherer, Jr. Springfield
Joel McClure, 2510 Cresta de Ruta

OBSIDIAN faces seen attending the geology lecture series at the University at the first class were the following:

Keith and Bessie Brunig........Lila Smith
Gene and Virginia Sebring......
Dorothy Towlerton..........Eroline Martyn
Mary Kaneen....................Bob Medill
Gale Burwell.....................Bob Dark
Doris Lyon...................Helen Weiser
Mary Jo Johannis...........Margaret Wiese
Lorene Bressler.

January 19. Richardson's Butte - Mac will be Leader. This is the only trip scheduled so far.

CLIMBERS GUIDES to Oregon Mountains put out in 3 booklets by the Mazamas have all been donated to the Club for interested members. Don't take away from the Lodge.

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