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VOL XXIV May 1964 No 7


May 16-17-To the Coast (we presume the Pacific) with the Stovalls.

May 23-Saturday-HeHe Mountain. Now there is a HeHe Butte in Wasco County and a HeHe in Lane County, so imagine it is the one in Lane County. Two ways to get to it. One is up Fall Creek and the other is up the McKenzie. Helen Smith is the Leader so she will tell us which way.

May 24-Marys Peak. This is up near Corvallis and Ed Trione is the Leader. There is a road clear to the top of Marys Peak, but evidently it is not the intention to drive up as we see this is listed as a qualifying trip, so it must be to climb it

May 31-Wild Flower Trip down south with the Wesleys. This may be changed.

June 6-Sat. Hardesty Mountain and look who is going to lead. Margaret Weise.

June 7-Hidden Lake. There are only three Hidden Lakes in Oregon so it should not be too difficult to find this one. Mike Johnson, Leader.


May 17-Will tour Lebanon with Fuad Khuri.

May 24-Exciting trip down the Fraser and Cloumbia Rivers with Florence Tome.

May 25-Obsidian Picture night. If you Have any slides that you feel others would like to see, bring them.


The flower trip down south in the roseburg country scheduled for May 31st cannot be made, so the entertainment committee is filling in this gap by having a pot-luck picnic at the Medill's Bad Manors, May 31 between 5 and 6 p.m. Bring tables, chairs, and favorite dish and eating tools. Coffee and will be served hot on the grounds. Now if the weather is not favorable this will be called off. If it is not convenient for you to bring chairs and tables some will be available at Bad Manors.

TWO NEW additions to the Bulletin staff, Vera Heidenreich and Keith Brunig.


Mrs Elleda Cox, 1950 Friendly
Robert Downie, Jr. 1630 Patterson
Harmon Pennoyer, 979 Patterson
Harry Evert, Prescott,, Wisconsin
Dr Henry Norton, 2295 Hawkins Lane
Ruth Norton, Mrs Henry
Robert Norton, Jr
Steve Norton, Jr
Dr Lewis J Krakauer, 3775 West Hills Road Corvallis
Jonathin Krakauer

Dr Henry and Mrs Norton are two-timers having been members years ago and resigned from the organiztion. Henry is Chief Lone Wolf and Ruth is Princess Autuman Leaf.

In adding these names to your membership list also add in the names of Dot and Elsie Dotson whose names were inadvertently left off the membership list.

PRINCESS DOINGS by Natalie Morgan

Twelve Princesses attended the April meeting at the home of Princess White Heron. Princess Silver Birch presided in the abscence of Princess Grey Feather.

Pie servers became a topic of discussion and 5 servers have now been purchased by the Princesses for those delicious Lodge desserts (thanks to Princess Pine Tree).

Cards and letters from Princess Golden Rod were enjoyed by the group.

The next meeting - May 18th. - will be held at the home of Princess High Sleeper in her new hillside home at 2531 Chula Vista Blvd.

Princess note paper will be discussed - so all are urged to attend. The meeting time is 7:30 p. m. (Note paper is not a Princess)...we mean we'll decide on what kind of stationery,


Are asking everyone to send them their Betty Crocker coupons, but don't you dare send yours to them. Instead send yours to Thelma Watson, 1549 Mill. The Obsidians want them, too.

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