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You have all received a notice of this meeting and a list of the candidates for election to the Board. The nominating committee has done an outstanding job of selecting candidates and has made it very difficult to chose who to vote for. The slate is one of exceptionally good choices Come! Pay your dues! Bring pot-luck dish & plate, cup, pick and shovel. Coffee will be furnished. October 9, 1964. Doors open at six. The candidates are as follows:

Dot Dotson, John McManigal, Frank Moore, Rex Stevens, Natalie Morgan, Margaret Wiese
Present members who remain on the Board: Mary Castelloe, Robert Dark, Stan Hasek, Mary Jo Johannis, Wm Martyn, Mac McWilliams


September 20-Saw Tooth Mt. Margaret Markley, leader

September 27-Black Butte. Leader, Bill Martyn.

October 4-Huckleberry Lake and the Island. Call Mac McWilliams for whos leading

October 11 - Maxwell Butte with Helen Hughes leading.


September 19 and 20 will windup the Mt. climbing for the year with a climb of 3 Fingered Jack with Bob Ashworth leading.


The July 20 meeting was at the home of Pr. Many Ponies (Elizabeth Gullion) where the group enjoyed the lovely back yard with its newly installed fountain. A lovely dessert was enjoyed. The electric can opener purchase was cancelled for the present. The Princess Notepaper project will be completed by September. Next meeting will be Sept. 21 at the Lodge, 7:30 p.m.


A huge next of them were discovered in a madrona tree near the Lodge. As they were considered as trespassers as none of them could furnish a paid-up card they were burned up in more ways than one.

Because of lack of space items that should be in this issue will be in the next..

September 18.

SUMMER CAMP reunion will be on this date and the dinner will be at Ford's at 6:30 p.m. with the Grande Finale at the Lodge. Because of limited space at Ford's and because Ford must be notified in advance as to how many to serve, an absolute deadline has been set for Sept. 15th. Those who attended camp will be given first choice. Dinner will be $1.95. Mail check and reservations to Dorothy Towlerton, 2531 Chula Vista Blvd. Remember DEADLINE is Sep. 15th.

FRIENDLY HOUSE is back in business again after being out on vacation for a month,

Sept. 13-Mr. Ellis of Ellis Studios will present Europe from Damascus to Holy Land.

Sept. 20-Bob Medill-Oregom miscellaneous and Obsidian Summer Camps.

Sept. 27 - Helen Weiser and her tour of the Mediterranean.

Sept. 28 - Obsidian picture night.


The memory of Paul Weiser was fittingly honored at the July 24 Potluck, put on by Hostesses Wanda Mountjoy, Chm., Elwina Meacham, Betty Herron, and Dorothy Towlerton, Bill Martyn acted as M.C. The tables were gracefully set off with unusually charming bouquets of summer flowers. Three very entertaining movies obtained by D. Towlerton were enjoyed: Destination earth, boating on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, and Family Afoot in the Yukon. A beautiful Chrysanthemum plant was presented to Helen Weiser, who warmly expressed her appreciation to all Obsidian for making this memorial and to those who contributed toward its purchase.


From the top right hand drawer of the desk in the "Medill" room a pair of shears These are top quality shears and do not belong to the Lodge, but are used there in connection with the mineographing work. They belong to one of the members of the Publications Committee and their return would be deeply appreciated. They were probably used sometime in decorating down stairs and inadvertently got put in some ones basket or hand bag and taken home.

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