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January 17--Mt Baldy. Leader, Helen Smith.

January 24--Ten Mile Creek - Coast Dunes, Clarence Landes will be the leader.

January 31--Spencer Butte. And Kenneth Lodewick will lead.

February 6 or 7--Emerald Butte hike with Margaret Markley.

February 14--Portland Zoo. Away we go to see the monkeys. Mac McWilliams knows where they all are.


January 30 - Saturday - Potluck - Kay Fahy presents Mark McLaughlin and his pictures taken while with the University of Oregon' Anthropology Dept.'s trip to Alaska this past year while on an Archeology study.


January 14 will present Hans Gmoser and his movies of mountain climbing and skiing in Canada. The show will be at the South Eugene High School. Show starts at 8:00 p.m Admission will be $1 for adults and ¢50 for under 12. Don Hunter will be projectionist. Advance information on this film indecate that one will be held spellbound by this most exciting film. Among the views presented will be a climb of Snowpatch Spire, rated as one of the most difficult climbs on the North American continent.


This will be the last notice of all who are not paid up. There are still 28 Sr. & # Jrs. who are in arrears and this is the last notice in the Bulletin to you. Remember! It will cost you $3 to be reinstated unless you send in a written resignation.

Happy New Year


The Princesses had their Christmas party December 14th at Jane Hilt's home. A very enjoyable time was had by all present. Florence Fulton was in charge of the games with prizes for all the smart winners. The gift exchange was done in a very unique way. Each Princess was given a line of a Christmas poem. The next line was pasted on the gift, and if you were smart enough to know the line, you picked your gift. There were 19 Princesses present.

The Princesses are looking for a home and a Hostess for the next meeting, Jan. 18 at 7:30 p.m. If any Princess would like to host the January meeting please contact Jane Hilt, 344-8230 or Barbara Hasek, 747-2458. If a hostess cannot be found, the Meeting will be held at the Lodge. Watch the Register-Guard for the place of the meeting, or call Jane or Barbara.


Just off the press is a book by John H. Caldwell, former Olympic skier and ski instructor, giving complete instructions on this type of skiing which is giving stiff competition to down-hill skiing. The book describes this type skiing for the first time skier, downhill skiers converting to this type skiing and for coaches. He shows technique, how to lay a course, describes waxing for either a family outing, or for racing and tells of tricks used by coaches Hardbound, $3.50. Paperback, $1.95. From Stephen Green Press, Brattleboro, Vermont 120 Main street.


Dear Mike. The Obsidians all extend to you their deepest sympathy and to your mother and brother David in the loss to you of James, your brother and son.

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