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VOL XXV MARCH 1965 No. 6



March 14 - Snow trip up the Santiam Pass with Kay Fahy leading.

March 20 Sat. - A trip to Cottage Grove area. No leader yet.

March 21 - Richardson Butte. A new leader - John McManigal.

March 28 - Castle Rock up the McKenzie. Mark McLaughlin, leader.

April 3 & 4 - Mazama Lodge up on Mt. Hood, Rex Stevens will lead.

April 11 - Rooster Rock. This is up the Santiam. Mark will lead this one.


March 12 - Among all the pop-corn, music and confusion, there will be movies.


Will be held at the Lodge March 15th.


Lorene Bressler night will include lecture and pictures by Mr. Atcheson, who has done considerable climbing in the Himalaya and Switzerland Mts. This promises to be another outstanding evening, so bring your favorite dish and your pot and plan on being there in time for eating at 6:30 p.m.


Three things are wanted for the Obsidian rummage sale coming up Saturday, May eight. First is your rummage. Anything that is of value that you want out of the way. Second will be paper bags. Third will be help. If you cannot help out on Saturday with the sale, then your help can be used Friday evening putting stuff out on display. Call Bob Medill for collection of your rummage material, or Mac McWilliams. Call Nellie McWilliams if you can help with the sales.


February 20 snow trip. We tried to snow-shoe to Rosary Lakes, however the snow was so deep that the trail blazes were impossible to follow. We all enjoyed fine snow-shoeing thru the woods on this sunny day. Snow-shoers were: Bill Belmore, Helen Hughes, Clarence Landes, Helen Landes, Helen Smith and Margaret Wiese, Leader.


Thanks to you who have taken the trouble to give us this information. The final date is January 1, 1967, but the earlier better.


Will be held in the San Francisco Hilton Hotel, April 2-3-4. The program will be as follows:

Friday 9 a.m. Wilderness in Crisis
Friday noon: Luncheon.
Friday afternoon: The Impact of Technology.
Friday evening 7 p.m. banquet.
Sat. 9 a.m. The Outlook for Wilderness.
Saturday noon: Luncheon.
Saturday afternoon: The Significance of Wilderness.
Sunday: Conservation Field Trip and Dedication of the Dag Hammarskjold Memorial Grove.

The most outstanding speakers in their various positions, including Secretary of the Interior, Stewart L. Udall, will be there.

Plan to attend this most important event if you can. Write at once to Sierra Club, 1050 Mills Tower, San Francisco 94104 for more information and reservation. If you plan to go you can also call Don Hunter, 344-4173 here in Eugene, for costs, etc.


The first one of the season was held on Feb. 17. The group that assembles for this event is small, but no less enthusiastic. Music was enjoyed; the Castelloes bringing their player. Some dancing was indulged in Some shins were toasted in front of the fire, pop-corn and a great variety of tasty cakes, cookies and candies were enjoyed. A movie of excavations and discoverys of a civilization that dated back 2000 years before Christ about 100 miles south of Mexico City was shown and proved to be most interesting. An all around enjoyable evening. And A wonderful time to just talk.

ART BRUNIG who has been involved with Uncle Sam for almost four years and stationed in Germany has been released and will be at home at 816 Adams street some time this month.


AMY McLAUGHLIN, Jr. 2480 Laurel Hill Rd.

CAROL KRAKAUER, Sr. active, 3775 West Hills Road. Corvallis, Oregon.

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