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VOL. XXV JULY 1965 No. 10


July 10 - Wildcat Mt. South of Upper Santiam and on Deer Creek Road. Helen Hughes.

July 11 - Iron Mt. A favorite Obsidian hike with Frank Sipe leading.

July 17-18 - Obsidian Loop. Another favorite one of our trips and this is for two days with Rex Stevens leading.

July 18 - Skyline Trail from the McKenzie Pass to Big Lake. Jim Jeppesen leading.

July 17-18 - Cape Perpetua. An overnight Coast trip with Henry Jeppesen.

July 24-25 - Lowder Mt. via Walker Creek.. Another two day trip with Helen Smith, ldr.

July 25 - Erma Bell Lakes up the South Fk. of the McKenzie with Helen Weiser leading

July 31 - Blair Lake and Mule Mt. by way of Salmon Creek. Mildred Ball leading.

July 31-Aug. 1 - Waldo Lake via Black Creek Trail. Stan & Barbara Hasak leading.

Theres a big assortment of trips for July. Should please everybody, Now for August.

Aug. 8 - Maiden Peak up near the Willamette Pass. Chapin Clark, leader.

Aug 14-15 - Linton Meadows and Husband Lk. Dale & Henry Carlson leading,

Aug. 15 - Vernonia Train Trip. As this will necessitate getting your reservations in to the leader, Leslie Cooper, in time for him to notify the railroad management of how many will be going this date has been SET FOR NOT LATER THAN AUG. 5th. Mail Les your reservation and check by then. If you don't you will just have to take your chances of getting on the train. And this trip will definitely be August 15th.

August 21-22 - Crater Lake and Mt. Scott Frances Newsom will be the leader.

August 28-29 - Skyline Trail from Marion Lake to Pamelia Lake thru Hunts Cove. The leader will be Gene Sebring.

Sept. 4-5-6 - Ollalie Trail north from French Pete Trail past Lamb Butte & Horsepasture Mt. Helen Smith leads.


July 17-18 - N. Sister with Bob Ashworth.
Middle Sister with Bill Martyn.
Mt. Hood from the north side, Jim Harrang

July 24-25 - North Sister. Charla Eubanks
July 24-25 - Mt. Washington. Ron Funke.

July 31-Aug. 1 - Mt. Jeff. Mark McLaughlin
July 31-Aug. 1 - Mt. Hood with Ed Trione.

Aug. 7-8 -Mt. Washington. Bob Bauman.
Aug. 7-8 - Mt. McLoughlin. Ray Harris.

Aug. 14-15 - South Sister. Gene Sebring.
Aug. 14-15 - Broken Top. Jim Jeppesen.

Aug. 21-22 - Mt. Thielsen. Stan Hasek.
Aug. 21-22 - North Sister. Bob Bauman.

Aug. 28-29 - 3 Fingered Jack, Bob Ashworth
Aug. 28-29 - Middle Sister, Steve Moore.

Sept. 4-5-6 - Mt Washington, South Sister
The Husband from Lipton Meadows, Bill Robinson and Frank Moore, leaders.
Sept. 4-5-6 - Mt. Jefferson, Leader to be announced later.

Sept, 11-12 - North Sister. Mark McLaughlin
Sept. 11-12 - Mt Adams. Ldr to be announced


August 23 - Louis and Roxie Waldorf will be Host and Hostess on this date. Potluck at the Lodge at 6:30, Louie and Roxie have something up their sleeves for this night.


July 19 - Their regular meeting will be a pot-luck picnic and will be held at Island Park, Springfield. Time: 7: p.m. Cross the Glenwood bridge into Springfield, turn right at the horse and back under the bridge and there you are.


July 24th. Mac has several jobs lined up and needs help. Call Mac as to what tools will be needed. Why not bring lunch and stay all day. Its a nice place, July 24th.

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