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At the Obsidian Lodge. Friday, December 12,1969. Bring a 50¢ gift for the gift exchange. Bring a potluck dish - anything you wish. No Alaskan crabs allowed. No Dungeness crabs allowed. No local crabs allowed - just the friendly type who have the Christmas Spirit! SANTA WILL BE THERE! Of course he expects to see YOU, too.


At the Obsidian Lodge. Wednesday, December 31, 1969 8 P.M. to 12 midnight. All Liars invited - There will be a Liars Contest. With all the lies I have heard on the club hikes, we ought to have a ball. Games and fun, of course. Bring your favorite dessert. See the NEW YEAR in the Obsidian way - with folks who are ALIVE!

" Bob, be sure to put a little blurb in the bulletin concerning the Christmas Tree trip on the 14th - Lois."

"OK, Lois," BLURB

P.S. It's on Mike Stahl's tree farm in Cresswell. Ax Lois how to get there. Bring money. They aren't free, you know.

If you can't hike after it yourself, he will be glad to cut it for you, and have it ready for you at the house.

He gets a charge out of doing this for his friends. (You may too)

We done gone said it again - Save Gold Bond Stamps, Save Betty Crocker coupons, Save Flav-r-pac labels for the Princesses of our club.

HOW ARE YOU, FRIEND? I'm home - sick a'bed.

Selma Vangsness was operated on the 10th of November. She has a circulation problem with her feet - er - what I mean to say is, she will not be doing much circulating among her friends for a while, so it is up to you to see her.

Thelma Watson fell in the downtown area the 17th of November and broke not only her hip but her wrist. This was just after the successful Coast Dunes hike. She expects to be laid up three months.

Helen Lynch was the victim of a broken kneecap, thereby joining the ranks of the club Disabled Dames.

Mrs, You-Know-Who says not to mention anything as minute as a broken thumb, so we won't say a word about it to anyone.

Attention other hiking clubs! These accidents were not done in the line of club duty or on scheduled club trips. We take care better of ourselves then.

(not the best King's English, but the King is out of town anyway)

HAVE YOU READ Ken and Robin Lodewick's letters to Sen. PackwD, the Forest Service, etc., concerning conservation and French Pete? You will find them on the Club bulletin board at the Lodge. Read them.

- And HAVE YOU done your part by writing to Senator Packwood concerning French Pete? The deadline is December 27. DO IT NOW!

It will cost you all of 6¢ - (that is the nail)

For want of a nail a horse was lost. For want of a horse a genral was lost. For want of a general a battle was lost.


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