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Vol. 30 No. 13

Watch the newspaper! Although the Club Trip and Climbing schedule has been completed for the year, if the weather continues to hold, there will be Saturday and Sunday hikes, which will be publicised in the newspaper.


Bus leaves South Eugene High parking lot at 6:30 A.M. on Sunday, Nov. 15. Complete cost is $6.75 per person. Bring sack lunch if you wish, warm clothing and footwear, skiffs, snowshoes, sled, etc. (no snow=mobiles) There will be a breakfast stop, hot coffee at Rim Village, and a dinner stop enroute home.

Call Virginia Horton, 344-6383 for reservation no later than Nov. 12.

WANTED. Companions for a walking trip thru Spain and Greece. Average 15 mi. per day. Avoid large towns. Lv. Dec. or Jan., take three or four months.

Sign up early - avoid rush. Call Bob Rowe at 342-8564 from 5 - 7 P.M., 1650 Pearl, Apt. 10, Eugene, 97401


Obsidians and friends - "We welcome you!!"

It will be held at the Obsidian Lodge on Thursday, November 26 at 2 P.M. Main course is turkey, dressing and gravy. Bring your own table service and choice of vegetable, salad or pie. Adults - $1.50 Children under 10 - .75 Call Roxie Waldorf for reservation by November 22. - Hazen Bressler, Chairman


A trip was scheduled for the research ship "Yaquina" on Sunday, November 8, but by the time the vessel had moored after her long voyage, there was a great deal of housekeeping to be done in order for it to be fit for visitors, so the trip was canceled. I hope and expect that as soon as things are "shipshape" we will be offered the opportunity to visit her. It should be a valuable experience for us all.

Aristotle, you know, was the first marine biologist in 400 B.C., but when he died, all his works and books died with him for over two thousand years.

The next significant study of the ocean came with the oceanographic voyage of H.M.S. Challenger in 1872.

During the recent International Geophysical Year the Soviet ship Vitiaz plumbed the deepest spot yet found - 36,056 feet, in the Marianas Trench.

Today, of course, oceanography is a full-fledged science, and the Harrison Brown committee of the U.S. Academy of Science has recommended a 651 million dollar expenditure for it over 10 years.

To A Fringed Gentian

Thou waitest late and com'st alone,
When woods are bare & birds are flown,
And frosts & shortening days portend
The aged year is near his end.

- Bryant

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