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February 1970



Meditation On Mountains

I have an understanding with the hills
At evening when the slanted radiance fills
their hollows, and the great minds let them be
And they are quiet and look down at me,
Oh, then I see the patience in their eyes
Out of the centuries that made them wise.
They lend me hoarded memory and I learn
Their thoughts of granite and their whims of fern,
and why a dream of forests must endure
Tho every tree be slain: and how pure
invisible beauty has a word so brief.
A flower can say it on a shaken leaf.
But few may even snare it in a song,
Tho for the quest a life is not too long.

- Grace Hazard Conkling.

Feb. 15 (Sun) Cape Arago car trip. Mildred Holm, Leader

Feb. 14,15 (Sat.-Sun) Q Gold Lake snowshoe, ski trip. Mary Bridgeman, leader

Feb. 21 (Sat.) Devil's Elbow State Park, car trip. Mary Hanson and Ione Pierron leaders

Feb. 22 (Sun) Q French Pete snowshoe, ski trip. Clarence Johnson, leader

Feb. 28 (Sat) Mt. Thielson climb, Dale Moon, leader. Snow camp & ski-in, Signup sheet at the Y.

March 1 (Sun) Centennial Butte Mary & Bailey Castelloe, ldrs.

March 7 (Sat) Castle Rock, Roger Smith, ldr.

WHERE? 7 Devils Mountains, Idaho.
WHEN? First 2 weeks in August.
HOW? By car.
WHAT? Camp Renfro Summer Camp, '70.
WHO? You and I, members and friends.

25 lakes, Hells Canyon, 9,000 ft, peaks, Salmon River, jet boat rides, overnight on the desolate Hells Canyon beaches. Wow!!!

- And you've heard nothing yet!

March 8 (Sunday) Clover Patch Butte, Lois Schreiner

KAH*NEE*TA April 4,5
Another of our popular trips to Warm Springs Indian Reservation is scheduled, by way of Government Camp, with a stop for a sack lunch.

The cost will be $18.75 , which covers trip fee, lodging, evening buffet and bus transportation.

A $5.00 deposit is requested with reservation. Contact Frankie Kardell, 344-4057, 1152 Olive St. for additional information.

February POTLUCK BUFFET the 28th

Come with Walter Youngquist as he takes us through the breathtaking Arches and Canyonlands of Utah, rivaled only by the tremendous speaking ability of this man.


Rachel Roach married to Cal Husbands - not Don.

New members -

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Rimpley

Phyllis Ford lives in Coralville, Idaho, not Coraville.

- Wrong husband, wrong name, wrong town. If you see 'The Mt. Baker Club Bulletin' heading, you will know that the Ed. is dreaming again of his old haunts.

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