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Vol. 30 JUNE 1970 No. 9

June 20 (Sat.) Tidbits Mountain -Catherine Jones

June 21 Ecology Succession tour. - Dave Burwell

June 27 (Sat.) Hills Peak - Doug Spencer.

June 28 Iron Mountain, Ray Sims, leader.
Wolf Rock, Ben Ross, leader.

July 4(Sat.) Buck Mountain, Mary Carr, leader.

July 5 Chimney Peak, Johnny Johnson, ldr.

July 11 (Sat.) Iron Mountain, Barbara Stiles, ldr.

July 12 Sourgrass Mtn, Bob Holmquist, ldr.

July 11, 12 Dillon Lake, Mary Bridgeman, ldr.


June 13, 14 Mt.St.Helens, Tom McGehee, ldr. Via Lizard route.
Mt. Jefferson, Rex Stevens, ldr.

June 13,14,15 Mt. Rainier, Steve Ross, ldr. Limited, via Tahoma Glacier.

June 20, 21 South Sister, Bruce Newell, ldr.
Mt. Washington, John McManigal, ldr.

June 27,28 Mt. Jefferson, Tom Taylor ldr. Limited, via East side.
Mt. Thielson, Darrel Himber, ldr.

July 4,5 Diamond Peak, Greg Wannier, ldr. From the West.
Mt. Rainier, Mel Jackson, ldr. Via Camp Muir.

July 10,11,12 Mt. Shasta, Rex Stevens, ldr. Via North side.

July 11,12 Mount Adams, ldr Tom McGehee
Middle Sister, ldr Pat Crowder
North Sister, ldr Dave Burwell

-- TO ALL OBSIDIANS, SHORT AND TALL - Join the Gang June 22nd!

Remember those delicious pancakes you enjoyed at the Obsidian Pancake Breakfast? Come join us for some more of those on Monday, June 22, 6:30 P.M. at the Original Pancake House, 659 East Broadway. Call 344-5168 (Castelloes) to make your reservations. (By June 20 pliz)


6:30 P.M.'is the time, at the Lodge. Bring a dish, bring 25¢ trip fee to help defray Lodge operating expenses, and bring old pics of yourself or your friends, or old color slides of club trips of past years. We should have a "howling good time" so we are told.


- will be on the Lodge grounds on Saturday the 4th. Ray Sims will be the Host and he will have coffee ready by 1 P.M. Bring your friends too.


Animules - all kinds of 'em - are on all the trails now. Saddle horses, pack horses and long and short-legged mules and burros. Give them lots of room. They are sometimes skittish. Don't be responsible for breaking up a pack string, throwing a pack, or dumping a rider just so that you may get a picture.

This is one way that YOU can show courtesy and share the trails. Trail courtesy is a two-way street.

Oh, to hike the trail at morning,
When the breeze is blowing clean,
And the yellow daisies fling their gold
Across a world of green.
For the breeze it heals the heartaches,
And the sun it dries the scars,
On the trail to Vagabondia
That lies beneath the stars.

- Dana Burnet

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