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Vol. 30 SEPTEMBER 1970 No. 11

September 19 (Sat.) Maxwell Butte, Clarence Landes, leader

September 20 Scott Mountain Dick Moffitt, ldr.

September 26 (Sat.) Gold Point Keith Brunig, ldr.

September 27 Bingham Lakes, Bob Cox, leader.

September 26, 27 Erma Bell Lakes, Marriner Orum, leader.

October 3 (Sat.) Black Butte, Paula Vehrs, leader.

October 4 Egypt in Oregon, Holway "Holly" Jones.

October 10 (Sat.) Scott Mountain, Becky & Ellen Bascom.

October 11 Mushroom Trip, Frank Sipe, leader.

October 17 (Sat.) Quaking Aspen Swamp-Lowder Mountain-Walker Creek Shuttle. Ron and Judy Faich, leaders.

October 18 Logger Butte, Edna Temple, leader.


September 19,20 Diamond Peak, Donn Chase, leader.
Mt. Yoran, Mel Jackson, leader.

September 26,27 Mt. Washington, Norm Lee (limited)

Watch the Bulletin for other climbs which may be scheduled later this season.

If you are not attending the Annual Meeting, please mail in your Annual Dues for the 1970 -- 1971 season BEFORE that date to Obsidians, PO Box 322, Eugene, Ore.

Diane Letsom was married to David Bilderback on June 27, 1970,


September 13 Expo 70 - Japan - a Ray Cavagnaro tour by Dr. Phillip McSorley.

September 20 (To be announced) by Sam Boggs, U of O Geology Department.

September 27 Around the World, Part 2 (Isreal to U.S. via Europe, by Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Cone.

October 4 Mount McKinley, by Steve Wennestrom, Northwest Outward Bound.

October 11 Tasmania and Australia, by Phillip Gilmore

October 18 Switzerland, by our own G.H. Wannier.


Next one will be held Monday, Sept. 21, 7:30 P.M. at the home of Princess Equestra (Mary Bridgeman). Princess Pine Tree (Thelma Watson) will be the co-hostess. - Don't forget!

Lois Schreiner's daughter, Penelope Ann, will be married to Harold Martin Gross on Saturday, September 19, in Annandale, Virginia. Please let them know if you will be a guest at the wedding. R.S.V.P.

Summer Camp BANQUET REUNION will be at the Colonial Inn,1626 Willamette St., on Saturday, September 19 at 7 P.M. The menu is Beef and Turkey, ala buffet. $2.25 for adults, $1.00 children under 10.

Summer Camp program will be at the Lodge at 8 P.M. Bring 10 best slides.

Reservation for the Dinner must be firm in order that we can reserve a banquet room. Call your Camp Committeemen as soon as possible. Everyone is welcome.

Oh, the dawn it goes before us
Through the shining lane of skies,
And the Dream is at our heartstrings
And the light is in our eyes,
And we make no boast of glory
And we make no boast of birth,
On the road to Vagabondia
That lies across the Earth.

-- Dana Burnet

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