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Vol. 32 November 1971 No. 2

Nov. 13 & 14 Beachcombers Rest By the Seashore. M. & M. Castelloe,Ldrs

Nov. 21 (Sun) Castle Rock.Bob Cox leader.


At the Lodge....Time 1:30 P.M. Hazen and Lorene Bressler, Chm Please phone in your Reservations to 345-5496 - Thelma Watson
not later than Sun-evening, Nov. 22 if you plan to attend. This is important. Tell her what you will bring; dessert, or salad. Committee will take care of turkey, dressing, spuds, gravy & drinks. The charge will be $1.50 per person. Under 12 75¢. It is of the utmost i,portance that you send in your reservations as requested.


Old Grouchy is back I do not know just how it all happened,but I can tell youone thing: I'm going to tell it as it is, so watch your step. If it happens it will b told in the Bulletin.

I enjoyed my Sabbatical and understand that in another 7 years I will be entitled to another one.

In the meantime if you have any complaints tell them to the printers devil The thing that gripes me however in Nixon Freeze. It has hamstrung the Board from giving me a raise.


The Princesses enjoyed a potluck picnic in Dorothy Medill's yard Sept. 20th. At this meeting, new officers were named: Dorothy Medill,Pres.Mary Bridgeman,Pres. of vice and Helen Lynch, Sec.


Nov. 14 - Harold Dunn Olympics.

Nov. 21 - Don Payne & Lois Schreiner -Their recent tour of the North Cascades and Glacier Peak area.

Nov..28 - Julia Bel-Shaw. American Folk Conference.Montreal..

Dec. 5 -Mt. McKinley. Someone from the Out-door program.

Dec. 12 - H. Richard Blank. East Coast of Greenland.

Mail your dues to Helen Lynch. Rt. 2, Bx: 364 B-Eugene97401


It looks nOw as tho Mt Pisgah was a sure THING, BUT I get a smile when of all the things that different factions want. I am reminded of a dead horse laying out on the prarie and surrounded by vultures.

Motorcycle clubs want trails for their exclusive use. Horse people want trails for themselves. And there are bicyclists and hikers, arboretumists that want to have areas for planting and wild flowers enthusiasts who want areas reserved for undisturbed growth of wild flowers. There are older folks who want parts reserved for them.Day campers and overnight camper There are those who want the whole hill kept wild without trails and roads.

I have not seen yet any requests from moonshiners asking for reservations where they can pursue their activities undisturbed, but this may come up yet.

Am sure glad that I am not on the planing commission. Polly Pickle.

Rt2, Box 364B.
Eugene - Ore 97401


It is not easy for me to have to announce the passing of anyone, but to have to announce the loss to the Obsidians of a long time member, someone who has been so instrumental to the welfare of the Obsidians as Louie is most saddening.

Louie was made a Chief in 1930. Chief Paint Brush and took an active part over the years in all activities of the Club, leading trips, climbs,heading summer camps and in laying plans for an eventual lodge building.

Because of failing health a lot of the newer members did not know Louie very well but he will be missed by all, even those of you who did not know him because of all the things he did for the Club and what Obsidians meant to him. Good bye, Chief Paint Brush. We all miss you.

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