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Vol. 31 MAY No. 8

May 15 (Sat.) Castle Rock Pat Patterson, leader

May 16 Q Tire Mountain, Wes Prouty

May 15,16 Humbug Mountain John and Ruth Bascom.

May 22 (Sat.) Hills Peak, Doug Spencer

May 23 Valsetz car trip, Ewart Baldwin, ldr.
Bicycle trip, Marriner Orum.

May 29,30,31 - to be announced

June 5 (Sat.) Marion Mtn. (Q) Al Lynch
Painted Hills and Smith Rocks, Don Hunter, leader

June 6 Waldo Mtn. (Q) Helen Smith, ldr.
Clark Creek Nature Trail, Edith Bridgeman, ldr.

June 12 (Sat.) Gold Point, Barbara Hasek

June 13 Mt. June, Fran Chapman, leader.


May 8,9 Mt. Hood, Dale Moon

May 15,16 Diamond Peak Frank Moore, leader
Mt. Hood, Steve Moore

May 29,30,31 Mt. McLaughlin Howard Byerly
Mount Shasta, John Nosler, leader

June 5,6 Mt. Thielson, Howard Byerly, leader
Mt. Jefferson,Rex Stevenss leader.

June 11,12 Mt. Hood, Clarence Landes
Mt. St. Helens, Norman Benton

June 12,13 Three Fingered Jack, Norm Lee, leader

I hope that every morning sun
Finds me prepared to go
Where unfamiliar pathways run
And where strange waters flow.
I never want to see the day
When I no longer thrill
In prospect of the joys that may
Lie just beyond the hill.

- Lawrence Hawthorne


The Princesses will meet at the Lodge on Monday, May 17, at 6:30 P.M. for a Potluck Dinner.


May 16 Bring a few slides and join us. Projector is supplied.

May 23 Peoples and Cultures in the South Pacific. by Jeff Clark

May 30 No program.

June 6 Grand Canyon hike, Paul Simpson

Clarence Landes is curator of the club's climbing equipment. Will Climb Leaders please call him for it when they need it?

Please need it only after 6:30 A. M. till 10 P.M. - Thank you.


Saturday, May 22 is Summer Camp Potluck night, so will see you there to view slides of the camp area around Velma Lakes. These slides were taken just last year by the Ray and Betty Harris family who live near Sacramento.

Sign-up Sheet will be posted at the Lodge now, or you can call any committee members for reservations.

Cost will be the same as last year or very close. Camp info sheet will be forthcoming next, with reservation deadline July 1, and balance of payment before departure. We need this time for pack-in arrangements.

We will try to balance out the camp this year, so you one-weekers please specify if you can go either week. This way we won't have 40 one week and 20 the next. Your early sign-up will help.

Thanks, - your Camp Committee

REMEMBER - POTLUCK, May 22, 6:30 P.M.

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