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Vol. 31 JUNE No. 9

June 12 (Sat.) Gold Point, Barbara Hasek

June 13 Mt. June, Fran Chapman

June 12,13 Q McFarland Lake David Zevenbergen, ldr.

June 19 Gold Hill, Art Steele
Q Maiden Peak, Clarence Landes, leader.

June 20 (Sun.) Q Verdun Rock/Hell's Half Acre, Don Payne

June 26-(Sat.) Q French Pete, Paula Vehrs

June 27 Iron Mountain, Ray Sims
Q Craig Lake, Bob Cox

June 26,27 Q Horsepasture/ O'Leary, Mary Bridgeman, leader.

July 3,4,5 Q Wildcat Swamp, Helen Smith, ldr.

July 10 Rebel Rock, Johnny Johnson

July 1 (Sun.) Blair Lake, Grace Smith, leader.

July 10,11 -Q Chambers Lakes, Wilma Moore, ldr.


Trip Rules

1. The leader's duty is to set the pace and keep the party together. Please help.
2. Rubbish - if it doesn't burn, pack it out.
3. Smoking while traveling - NO!
4. Dogs and firearms not permitted.
5. Fires - Build 'em in a safe place - Must be dead out before leaving.
6. Be on time. Leaders are not obligated to wait for late comers.

Isn't it strange that princes and kings
And clowns that caper In sawdust rings
And common folk like you and me
Are builders of eternity?
To each is given A bag of tools
A shapeless mass and a book of rules
And each must build, ere life has flown
A stumbling block or A stepping stone.
- Anon


June 12 3 Fingered Jack,Norm Lee

June 19,20 Mt. Constance, Tom McGeehee, leader
Diamond Peak, Bob Holmquist, leader.

June 26,27 3 Fingered Jack, Ric Craven, leader.
Mt. Washington, Dave Burwell, leader

July 4,5 South Sister, Marriner Orum, leader

July 10,11 Middle Sister, Ed Harms, leader

THE PRINCESSES are planning their annual 'spree' in Salem on Saturday, June 12. They will meet at Meier and Frank at noon for lunch, then be the guests of Blanche Bailey at her home in the aft.


It will be held at the Original Pancake House on Thursday, June 17 at 6:30 P.M. Make reservations by calling Mary Castelloe, 344-5168. Do this before June 16th please.


June 13 California - Fred Lowrance

June 20 Eastern Oregon, Howard Byerly

June 2 7 To Be Or Not To Be - Wilderness areas, by Bob Cox

July 4 No program

July Peoples & Cultures of the South Pacific - Jeff Clark

Your contributions of Flav-r-pak labels are very much appreciated. - Princesses

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