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Vol. 31 JULY - AUGUST No. 10

July 17 (Sat.) Bohemia Flower Trip. Ken & Robin Lodewick.

July 18 Scott Mountain. Q Ray Martin, ldr.

July 17,18 Park Meadow. Q Dale Carlson, ldr.

July 24 (Sat.) Sourgrass Mountain. Bob Holmquist, ldr.

July 25 Yoran Lake. Q Nils Norman, Jr., ldr.

July 24,25 Linton Meadows Jaunt. Q John Nosler, leader.

July 31 Open. No' hike.

August 1 (Sun.) Rosary Lakes. Q Bette Hack, leader.
Also - Peterson Rock Gardens. Henry Oswald, leader.

July 31, August 1 Mt. Bolivar. Ernie Drapela, leader

August 8 (Sun.) Mt. Fuji Q Marvin Ostberg, leader.

August 7,8 Collier Glacier Q Rose Marie Moffitt, leader.

August 14 (Sat.) Olallie Butte Q Bob Moffitt, leader.

August 15 Mt. Bachelor Trail Q Mary Bridgeman, leader.

August 21 (Sat.) Elk Mountain. Art Steele, leader.

August 22 (Sun.) A Day At Rex Stevens'.
Also - Obsidian Loop Q Ron Faich, leader.

August 21,22 Canyon Glacier Meadow Q Wes Prouty, leader.

August 28 (Sat.) Bohemia Train Trip. Dorothy Medill, leader.

August 29 Marion Lake Q Lorene and Hazen Bressler, leaders.

August 28,29 Pearsoll Peak Ernie Drapela, leader.

September 4 Collier Glacier Q Ray Sims, leader.
Strawberry Mountain Q Lois Schre iner, leader.

September 11 (Sat.) Sawtooth Mountain Q Clarence Landes, ldr.

September 12 Black Crater Q Paul Slovic, leader.
Also - Windy Lakes Q Bob Cox, leader


July 9, 10 Mt. Hood Clarence Landes, Leader.

August ? South Sister Father, son climb, Gary Kirk is leader. Date tentative.

July 31, Aug. 1 Three Fingered Jack Norm Lee, leader.

OBSIDIAN SUMMER CAMP will be from July 26 to August 1 - one week only. Check the dates with Sandra Sheperd, Outing Comittee Chairman,

JULY PRINCESS MEETING will be at Nellie McWilliams', July 19th, at 7:30 P.M.


July 18 Vietnam, Dr. Glenn Gordon

July 25 Olympics and Mt. Rainier, by Kenneth Horton

NO programs in Aug. or September except - September 12 (tentative) Great Smokey Mtns. Nt'l Park, by Thomas Beall.


Aaron Park (Jr.)
2748 Agate St.
Eugene, Oregon Ph. 343-3554

Russ and Hazel Peck
295 39th Ave. E.
Eugene, Oregon Ph. 344-0377

We are glad to have you with us on the trails, folks. Welcome aboard!

I heard a song at break of day
Sung from the budding trees-
A song so mystical and calm
No-one, I think, could listen long
Except upon his knees.
Yet this was but a simple bird
Alone, among green trees.

- Wm. A. Percy

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