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Vol. 32 January 1972 No. 4


Jan. 16 - Snow Shoe and Ski trip somewhere with Marriner Orum.

Jan. 23 - Old Baldy of the Coburgs with Helen Smith leading the way.

Jan. 29 - Clear Lake country with Clarence Landes. This trip is just Tentative. Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Jan. 30 - Ski only to Gold Lake. No snow shoes allowed. David Mention

Feb. 6 - Spencer Butte with Dorothy Medill leading.

Jan. 15 - Sat. A snow trip for kids to the White Branch Youth Camp. Leader will be Wes Weathers. There is a charge of 50¢ to get into camp and a charge of 50¢ for inner tubes to slide down the slopes unless bringing your own tubes.


Notice to people who would like to lead hikes this year. If you have not been contacted, but would like to lead one or more hikes, please call Lois - 344-9848, stating your destination and preferred date not later than February 1st.

THE OBSIDIAN EXPLORERS (young people interested in the outdoors) are planning a trip to the Santiam Pass for those interested either down hill or cross country skiing January 30th. All interested young people should sign up at the Y.
Frank Moore.


Jan. 16 - Norman Benton will show of his recent trip to Nepal.

Jan. 23 - Ray Sims pictures of Obsidian Summer Camps.

Jan, 30 - John Stafford on Italian Hill Towns.

Feb. 6 - Mark Bently - The Marble Mountains of Eastern Oregon. You do know where these are? Come out to Friendly House and find out


The next meeting of this select group will be at the World's Fare Restaurant in Valley River Center the evening of January 20th. All Obsidians are invited to attend if you have that urge. 6:30 pm


The Princesses will meet January 17, at the home of Lois Schreiner, 339 Taylor at 7:30 p.m. (if any Princesses don't know where this is at we know a Chief who will be glad to escort you)

SCHUSTER macht die freizeit schon. In English its a very nice catalog of every thing for outdoor people, just received. If you cannot read it there are a lot of pictures of beautiful girls to look at and in case you may be interested in any thing listed in the catalog Paula Vehrs would probably aid one in understanding that all the letters mean as well as to understand their method of telling one how much of what they want for different items. At the Lodge.


Brand new pair Red Wing Ladies Boots. Size 8 narrow - $10. Mrs. Leila Chase. Phone 344-0268

Dear Bea:

I wish to thank you and all the Board members for your nice letter. Toil and sweat went into every Bulletin, but perhaps the most important, a little love.

And as sugar beet growers of Idaho would say - "I enjoyed raising cane too"

I haven't really dropped anything - I have just funneled my efforts in other directions. Of course the Obsidians have been very important to my life and always will. And remember, if I am needed for any activities, indoor or out, (or even sugar beet farming) you know I am not very far away.

With affection, Bob Cox

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