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The Obsidian

Vol. 32 JULY 1972 No. 10


July 15 -. Sat. Some where south of Diamond Peak. Lee Hatch leads.

July 16 - Sun. Sourgrass Mtn. Up south Winberry Crk. Bob Holmquist.

July 15-16 Batchlor Butte. Parker Riddle and Marge Brittain. Double Hdr.

July 22 - Martin lake. A new trip into the Santiam. Clarence Landes.

July 23 - Sun. Berley Lakes.Also in Santiam country. Bob Cox leads.

July 22-23 Obsidian Loop. Two days with Mary Bridgeman leading.

July 29 - Sat. Marion Mtn. Another Santiam trip. This time Al Lynch.

July 30 - Sun. Bristow Prarie. Look who is leading! Edna Temple.

Aug. 5 - Sat. Olallie Lookout. It's up the East Fork McKenzie and Bob Moffitt is leader.

Aug. 6 - Chambers Lakes lying between the Middle and South Sisters. Rich Temple leading.

Aug. 5-6- Rosary lakes. A family overnight trip. David Zevenbergen.

Aug. 12 - Santiam Summit. Dont know where from there, but call Joan Bray.

Aug. 13 - Sun. Fuji Mtn. A very pretty trip. David Cohen leads. POSTPONED

Aug. 12-13-Little Brother via North Sister and Collier Glacier. Greg. Wannier leads this one.

Aug. 19 - Hidden Lake and Indian Ridge. Art Steele leads. POSTPONED

Aug. 20 - Sun. Bingham Lakes. South of Crescent Lake. Bob Cox.

Aug. 19-20- Canyon Glacier Meadow up in the 3 Finger Jack area. Wesley Prouty knows the way.

Aug. 26 - Sat. Irish Mtn. Up Skookum Crk. where ever that is. Helen Smith

Aug. 27 - Sun. Obsidian Loop 3 Sisters Wilderness. Lee Hatch leads.

Aug. 26-27-Park Meadows. East and North of Broken Top. Dale Carlson.

Sep. 2-3-4-Sisters Mirror lake. 3 Sisters Wilderness - 3 days with Mary Bridgeman.

Sep. 2-3-4-Collier Glacier & 3 days with Ray Sims.

Sep. 2-3-4-Mountain Lakes Wilderness S. of Mt. McLaughlin. Dick Moffitt.

Sep. 9 - Sat. Up in the controversial French Pete area. Tink Gent ld.

Sep. 10 -Diamond View Lake. This is in Diamond Peak Country. Nils Norman will lead you.

Sep. 9-10-Hunts Cove. Read History of the Obsidians, June issue. David Zevenbergen again.


July 8-9-Broken Top. Via the beautiful Green Lakes country. Rich Temple

July 15-16-Mt. Jefferson via Whitewater Glacler. Latham Flanagan leads.

July 14-15-16- Mt. Hood. Climbing will be on Sat. Clarence Landes lds.

July 14-15-16- Mt. Shasta down in Californy way. Rex Stevens leader. DATE CHANGED

July 15-16- Mt. Thielsen. A most interesting mountain. Pat Crowder.

July 15-16- Mt. Jefferson. This was the climb scheduled for July 8 & 9. Same leader-Latham Flanagan.

July 22-23-Mt. Washington/ Easy but interesting with Dave Burwell.

July 29-30- Three Fingered Jack. Norm Lee leads this one.

July 29-30-North Sister. REgular route so they say. Follow Jim Jeppesen.

July 2-10- Mt. Jefferson by way of Coyote Creek. Frank Moore leads.

Aug. 5-6-South Sister. See the lake on top with John Nosler.

Aug. 5-6-Three Fingered Jack. This time led by Dave Mention.

Aug. 12-13-North & Middle Sister. Camp on Collier Glacier. Two leaders-Dick Moffitt & John Bascom.

Aug. 12-13-South Sister from Devils lake with Lois Schreiner.

Aug. 25-26-27-South Sister & Broken Top. Camp at Green Lake. Dave Mention

Aug. 26-27- Three Fingered Jack again Leader to be announced later.

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