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VOL 34 OCTOBER 1973 No. 1


Oct. 20-Martin Lake in the 3 Fingered Jack area. Parker Riddle leads.

Oct. 21-Eula Ridge-Hardesty Mtn. And Liz Glover leads.

Oct. 27-Carpenter Mtn. A good view of Wolf Rock. Hank Plant leads.

Oct. 28-Free Day. You are on your own.

Nov. 3-Castle Rock up the McKenzie with Paula Vehrs. Always a favorite.

Nov. 3-Sand Dunes. Another favorite and Clarence Landes leads.

Nov. 4-Bike Trip advertised as a novice trip. Marriner Orum leads.

Nov. 10-Mystery Trip.We don't know where we are going. We don't know when we start. We don't know where we leave from. And when we get back we wont know where we have been. Mary Bridgeman is the leader and she doesn't know either.

This winds up the trips on the schedule. From now until next spring trips will come direct from the Trips Committee.


How come? Dorothy Hayes has said that no one has called her about such a party so she thinks that there is not sufficient interest in one to have it. If you do not agree call her, 342-3108.Or there may be some of you who would relieve her of the involvement and gather a few togetker and make plans for one.

THE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING, the story of the tragic climb of Mt McKinley where three men of Eugene lost their lives,one being our own Mark McLaughlin, is now in the Obsidian library.


Your Editor has to skip the country for awhile. He will return when the reason for his skipping is cleared up. This will mean he will not be here to put out the November issue of the Obsidian. If some person or persons will volunteer to get the issue out there will be a bulletin for November. The Editor says he will get as much done as possible ahead of time, and this will depend on other people getting stuff to him early.


Any Obsidian Chiefs who never received their Chief emblem, or who need a new one made---please contact any Princess--will try to give faster service from now on.


Will be at the home of Mary Gillespie, Princess Pine Squirrel, 277 No. Grand St at 7:30 p.m., on Monday, Oct. 15th.


President - Helen Lynch, P. Tiger Lily, V. Pres.-Lenore McManigal, P.Twin Flower Sec-Tres- Lois Schreiner, P. Monadnock.


avote of appreciation was passed,thanking Mary Bridgeman, P.Equestra,President Helen Lynch, V. Pres. and Lenore McManigal, Sec-Tress., for a fine year under their leadership. Hostesses at this Sep. 17th meeting were Nellie McWilliams, P. Lightning and Mary Castelloe,P. Orange Blossom. Main project for Oct. is distribution of Maltese Crosses (the small orange and black stickers which mean "No trick or treat, please") to be used only by invalids, shut-ins and those who meed sleep during evening hours.


What next? A jetport is proposed for the Grand Teton National Park & the request is now before the Department of Interior

MUSHR00M SHOW put on by the Mycological Society, October 14th, Sunday, at Valley River Center from 12 to 5.Dorothy Leland who belongs to this outfit, says that it is really worthwhile and will surprise one in its scope and completeness.


Due to recent financial restraints in our Forest roads and trails program, several District Roads with little use are being closed to reduce maintenance costs. A list of closed roads are available at District offices.

NON-MEMBERS who are subscribers to the Obsidian! Your subscriptions are now due Subscriptions are two (2) dollars per
year,If you desire to continue receiving the Bulletin please remit to, Obsidians, Inc. P.O. Box 322, Eugene, Oregon 97401.

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