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Vol. 34 NOVEMBER, 1973 No. 2


Trips Committee reported no new trips, until December 8, a 13 mile Fall Creek event to be led by Mary Bridgeman. May be some information in the paper by then Committee members for the year will be: Dave Zevenbergen, Chairman, Dorothy Leland Mary Bridgeman, Marriner Orum,Merle Traudt They have already had one meeting, Oct 29 and will meet again on Nov. 12. Dave reported 4 hikes reported; 1 not reported ; 29 members; 31 nonmembers. The committee in on the beam and zeroing in for a very successful year.


The 3-peak award went to the following :

Wayne Hatch
Parker Riddle
Randy Zustiak

10-peak awards went to Allen Payne & Randy Zustiak.


Dorothy Turner,active, of 2670 Emerald, Eugene.

Norman L. Skurdal, active of 1056 Centennial, Springfield.

Cindy Meares, Jr .Active , 733 Maple St., Junction City.

John Taylor, active, 1498 Yolanda St., Springfield.

Chuck Haddad, Junior, 2019 Law Lane, Eugene

The family of Dr. Thomas McGeHee; Stephen, Ellen, Lester, Martha and William, all Juniors. 1132 Newton Creek Rd., Roseburg, Ore.

even though no one wanted to be chairman Several ladies offered to help arrange it so THERE WILL BE A DINNER, November 22 at 1:30 P.m.; $1.50 for adults; 75¢ for children up to 12 yrs. For further information call Mary Castelloe, 344-5168 Gertrude Oswald, 688-5307 or Dorothy Medill, 726-7496.


President, Helen Smith . . . . .343-0648
Vice-Pres, Don Payne ... . . . .746-1964
Secretary, Donn Chase. . . . . .344-3808
Treasurer, Dorothy Hayes . . . .342-3108
Trips , Dave Zevenbergen . .747-2386
Climbs , Don Payne . . . . . .746-1964
Outing , Merle Traudt. . . . .345-5507
Publications Bob Medill. . . . .726-7496
Membership,Lois Schreiner. . . .344-9848
Bldgs & Grnds,Clarence Landes. .344-4500
Conservation, Marriner Orum . .342-4527
Library , Bea LeFevre . . . .895-4222
There, you have. it, with the exception of entertainment. Your President, Helen S ith, will attempt to find some one to fill this position.

Your Editor believes this is only the third time that we have had a female for President. The first was Florence Sims Next was Margaret Markley. Helen is one of our most active members in hiking and climbing.She became a member in 1936 and the trails and mountains she has not yet been over, or on have not been built.

CHEMEKETANS of Salem have elected a woman to be President for the next year. Marge Beaman has this honor. Marge is also an Obsidian Princess,Princess Golden Slippers.


Present at Princess Initiation were our royal Presidents; from the Chemeketans Marge Beaman, Obsidian Past-President, Margaret Markley and 1974 Obsidian President, Helen Smith.

Princess Starlight, Marge Brittain was duly initiated at the annual Princess Fiesta.

YE EDITOR is visiting friends and relatives in Washington (state of). If you notice changes and errors in the bulletin; it's all Mrs. Editor's fault. Bob will return in time to correct everything in the next issue.

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