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VOL 33 MARCH 1973 No. 6

Happiness is....

Came to Potluck March 24th - - - and find out - - 6:30 at OBSIDIAN LODGE


Mar. 17-18. Gold Lake snowshoe with Mary Bridgeman.

Mar. 24-25. Bend Ice Caves. Frank & Wilma Moore.

Mar. 25 McKenzie Trail. This is the new trail. Ken & Robin Lodewick.

Mar. 31. Proxy Falls Snowshoe & Ski trip with Norman Benton.

Apr. 1. Finley Wildlife with Dorothy Leland. Dorothy says this will be over a different route this year.

Apr 7. Mt Pisgah. Meet at Park entrance at 9 a.m. for a guided tour showing what has been done trail making and otherwise. Your guides will be Kincel & Beistel of Lane Co. Parks. Your leader D. Leland

Apr. 7 & 8. Ski only Mount Washington area. Marriner Orum leader.

Apr. 8. Gordon Meadows with the President Wesley Prouty.

Apr. 14. Silver Creek Falls. Nancy Durfee leader.

March 24-Bike trip with Dave Cohen 20 to 25 miles


An Obsidian for these many years has died. Joe became a Chief in 1938. He was Chief Nut Cracker. Joe leaves a wife, Vera, also an Obsidian of long standing. Vera is Princess Wild Rose becoming Princess in 1936. Goodbye Joe


Mar. 18-This was to be a most interesting night, but the showee skipped out on Kenneth, so he has lined up tentatively James A. Henson taking us on a tour of the America S.W.

Mar. 25-Jo Corley with pictures of Mexico- "South of the Border".

Apr. 1-George Newton traveling around in Europe.

Apr. 8-The latest Peruvian earthquake with Ed Barnum. Ed was with the Peace Corps and landed in the earthquake zone right after this event took place.


At 1 p.m. all Chiefs and boys on April 14th Saturday, to saw up the down timber on our property with Lee Hatch's chain saw. Then to transfer the wood to the Lodge. YOU MUST CALL David Zevenbergen 747-2386 if you are coming because at 6:30 p.m. there will be boxes of Chicken from Chicken Delight delivered. Boxes of chicken include 3 pieces of chicken, cole slaw, french fries buttered roll. Be sure to call David, then if staying overnight bring sleeping bag and food for break---fast. "BOX OF CHICKEN $1.60" Ray Sims


The Obsidian Princesses will hold a Rummage Sale at the Flea Market, Lane County Fair Grounds, Sunday, April 8th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please everyone bring articles for this sale to the Lodge beforehand, or leave with Mary Bridgeman, 375 Cherry Drive. If not convenient will pick-up... Old clothes not acceptable.-Phone 344-8952

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