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VOL 33 APRIL 1973 No. 7


April 15 - Palm Sunday - No trip.

April 21-22 Easter Week - No trip.

April 28 - Little Cowhorn with Dorothy Leland. Should be a good rock climb.

April 29 - Spencers Butte. Join up with the Chemeketans today. Rose Marie Moffitt leading.

April 29 - Glide Flower Show with Ken & Robin Lodewick leading.

May 5 - Booth Lake. Snowshoe in Three Fingered Jack area. Leading will be Lois Schreiner.

May 6 - Bike trip. Marcola way. Parker Riddle will lead this one.

May 5 & 6. This has been changed to May 19 & 20 & is overnite at Heceta House. Room for 30 and cost will $2 per person. There are 10 beds and kitchen equipment. Room for campers. Members & family only Dorothy Leland leader.

May 12 -Hardisty Mtn. Barbara Stiles lds.

May 13- Mothers Day. Uncle Jemima may be baking hotcakes at Lodge.


May 5 & 6- Mt. Hood and leading will be Don Penrose.

May 12 & 13-Diamond Peak. Snowshoes Only with Marriner Orum.

May 13 - Mother's Day. Princesses Annual Breakfast. This being Mothers day off Uncle Jemima will be on duty. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


POTLUCK DINNER Note the day "Sunday" An evening of entertainment by Bob Cox and Company. You all know what Bob's entertainment does to you. No need to expand on that. Attend this and not be sorry afterwards that you didn't. Time!! This report I have on my desk says from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Put this on your calendar - SUNDAY - APRIL 29 - FIVE P.M.


All Obsidians welcome at Gourmet Dinner) Will be on April 19, Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at Casa Tol-Tec, 389 W. 6th (NW corner 6th & Lawrence) Call Mary Castelloe for reservations - 344-5168 by April 17th.


and of course members of the familys. This is a joint hike, so lets come out strong. Meet at the Lodge at 1 p.m. with your sack lunch. We will eat at the Club House and coffee will be served. After lunch we will drive to the Butte & Rose Marie Moffitt will lead the hike to the top and back. If you intend to go please call Rose Marie, 746-5130 so she will have an idea of how many are coming. AND this same evening (April 29 Sunday) from 5 till 9 a potluck dinner and program is on the billboards. SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLANCHE BAILEY-notify all your Chemeketan Friends of this fact- Maybe some of them would like to join us. And it would not be amiss if the Obsidians increased the amount of their food they will bring by a spoonful or two. There will be no sign up sheet of this event posted so call Rose Marie. Again her phone 746-5130

APRIL 14 Ray Sims is having a work party at the Lodge to cut up down timber and get it to the building. Also for those who desire, a chicken dinner can be had in the evening by placing your name before hand with Dave Zevenbergen, 747-2386. Cost will be $1,60. If you plan on staying all night bring breakfast & bag


Indoor Sessions - May 2 - 9 - 16.
Outdoor Sessions - May 12 - 19.
Graduation Climb, May 2526.

Indoor Sessions will be had at Sheldon Meadows. Climbing School Fees are $10.00 The School is operated jointly by Eugene Parks and Recreation and the Obsidians. For more information call Frank Moore, Phone 686-1223.

PRINCESSES WILL MEET for dinner and a short business meeting at Bon Marche's lunch room Monday, April 16 at 6:30 p.m. Phone reservations 344-5168 or 344-8952.


Trips Chairman Dave Zevenbergen has in his possession all permits to Wilderness areas for this years trips, so leaders will not be required to get them.

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