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VOL 33 1973 No. 8


May 19 - 20. Humbug Mt. Along the coast in Southern Oregon. John & Ruth Bascom, leaders.

May 20 - Bike trip with Paula Moffitt in the Creswell & Jasper areas.

May 26-27-28. Over to the Malheur Bird Refuge with Lois Schreiner. (See page 2 April Obsidian for more information about this trip.

June 2 - Mt. June with Rolfe Anderson as leader. Above Lowell.

June 3 - French Pete - Olallie Mtn. Dick Noyes will lead.

June 9 - Lamb Butte. Up the East Fork of the McKenzie with Helen Smith.

June 10 -Tid Bit Mtn. with Joel McClure taking the lead. Blue River.

June 9-10 Dog. Mtn. A joint hike with the Mazamas. Leader to be announced.

June 16 Bike Trip with Dave Cohen to the area around Creswell.

June 17 -Rebel Rock. This one also up in the South Fork of the McKenzie and Phyllis Ford leads.


May 19-20-Mt. Hood. This Mt. is south of the Columbia River and north of Jefferson. Bruce Newell lds.

May 26-27-28.Mt. Shasta down in northern California. Dick Moffitt leads

June 2 & Mt. Thielson west of K. Falls and Dave Burwell will lead.

June 9 & 10-South Sister via Devils Lake and Burt Huglen will lead this one. North of Devils Lake and West of Bend.

June 9 & 10-Mt. Hood with Steve Ross in the lead. This Mt. Hood same place as before.

June 16-17-Three Fingered Jack north of Santiam Pass. John McManigal way out in front.

June 16-17-North Sister south of McKenzie Pass. Up the East Side. Limited. Tom Taylor in rear.


This was scheduled for May 5 & 6 but rescheduled for th above dates. This is to the Lighthouse North of Florence and we will eat, frolic and bed down in the big Lighthouse house nearby. There is in the neighborhood of room for 40 to sleep and lots more room for sleeping bags and air mattresses. There are dishes, stoves 3 or 4 bathrooms so this should be no problem. The leader, Dorothy Leland says we should bring a pot or two (to cook in) a skillet, electric or otherwise. She is planning on a get together breakfast and the cost will be prorated. A potluck dinner Saturday night is on the agenda. so bring your potluck dish. Either hot or cold. Electric freezer and ranges are available. It is imperative that if you intend to go that you phone Dorothy so she will know about how many to prepare the breakfast for. Please make it as easy for Dorothy as you can. Cost of rental of the building is $2 per person and the usual Obsidian trip fee will be charged.

If you can come up with any games or entertainment for the evening do so.


The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge personnel have laid out a 13.7 mile canoe course on the Donner & Blitzen River. One of the staff members will accompany our Obsidian group can this course on Sunday morning May 27th. Please let me know if any of those interested in this canoe trip will be able to take a canoe to Malheur over Memorial Day week-end. This is a good opportunity for canoe enthusiasts and we should cooperate with the Refuge's efforts. Lois Schreiner.


May 18 - Friday - 6 30 p.m. This will be Summer CAmp program by Summer Camp Chairwoman Helen Smith. Even if you are not interested in going it is always nice to attend, see people and enjoy the food and program.


All Obsidians and friends are welcome to get together for dinner at 6:30 p.m. at the King's Table, 85 Oakway Mall, on Wednesday, May 23. Call 344-5168 for reservations by May 22.

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