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VOL 33 JUNE 1973 No. 9

June 16-Bike trip with Dave Cohen. Dave hasn't been seen for some time but suppose he is still around.

June 17-Up the South Fork to Rebel Rock Phyllis Ford will lead.

June 23-And this up the South Santiam to Cone Peak with Clarence Landes.

June 24-A trip for handicapped persons. The Fall Creek Trail-Lee Hatch.

June 24-Iron Mountain-Ray Sims leads. to some of the most interesting Mountain scenery in Oregon.

June 30-Boulder Creek in the Umpqua National Forest. Holly Jones leads. Above is for June 30 & July 1st.

July 1--Quacking (thats the way it is spelled in the trips schedule) Aspen Bog in the French Pete Country. Dave Burwell leading.

July 4--Up to the Bohemia Mines country. Ken & Robin Lodewick honors you.

July 7--Open date.

July 7-8-9-Rosary Lakes. This is a trip suitable for small children. Dave Zevenbergen in charge.

July 8--Blair Lake. Up the North Fork of the Willamette. One can return via Oakridge thru interesting country. Grace Smith leads.

July 14-Three Fingered Jack area to Martin & Summit Lakes. Clarence Landes will honor you.

July 15-Gold & Rosary Lakes up the Will. Pass with Don Payne leading.

July 14-15-Bachelor Butte and Parker Riddle & Marge Brittain will get you there and bring you back.

July 21-Marion Mtn. This in the Santiam with Al Lynch showing the way.

July 21--Olallie Lookout. Up the east Fork McKenzie. Robert Moffitt leads.

July 21-22-Ermabelle Lakes. "Fish-In"./ This in place of July 22 as advertised and Dave Zevenbergen will lead. Some hiking.

July 4th Potluck Picnic at the Lodge & Ray Sims leads. One o'clock p.m

June 23-24-South Sister-Burt Ewing will replace Bruce Newell leading.

June 30-July 1--Bachelor Butte. Rich Temple doing the hard work.

June 30-July-1-Diamond Peak. Bob Holmquist doing the hard work.

July 7-8-Mt. Thielsen and your President leads this one.

July 13-14-Mt. Hood. Hurrah for Hurrang. Jim is leading this one.

July 14-15-Little Tahoma. Trip schedule says in the frying pan with Steve Ross.

July 14-15-Mt Jefferson. Dick Moffitt leading. He should be able t to PULL you thru. And Maybe fill some cavities.

July 2021-3 Fingered Jack with Norm Lee via Booth Lake. Sat. climb.

July 21-22-Middle Sister with Don Payne leading. This has been set up from August 25-26.

July 21-22-South Sister. Jim Jeppesen in front. Via Green Lake.

July 21-22-Mt. Stuart(whereever that is) Latham Flanagan knows-he lead

Boy! These Trip & Climb Comm.s sure been busy.


June 17 - Gordon Obie. This to be movies taken in the Mediterranean.

June 24-- Fred Lorance. All the way from Zaire in Africa. Used to be th the Congo.

July 1 - Rodney Hinds will show scenes of Guatemala.

July 8 - Mr and Mrs Keith Cobbin in and around Oregon.

July 15 - To be announced.


June 22 - At the Lodge - Time 6:30 P.m Bert Ewing will tell of his trip on foot over the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Oregon and will have pictures of this trip he made all alone. This should be extra interesting.



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