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VOL 33 JULY----AUGUST 1973 No. 10


Because there will be no Bulletin in August (this is an old custom) trips and climbs listed clear thru to Sept. 9th...

July 28 - Pyramid Mtn.French Pete counttry with Dave Cohen leading.

July 29 - Sourgrass Mtn. This is listed as a bushbuster. Better take a machete along. Bob Holmquist.

July 29 - Santiam Lake with Bob Cox. Up in the Santiam area.

July 28-29- Pine Mtn. Observatory. That is if we can get gas enough to get there. We can coast back. Bob Medill is the crazy one.

Aug. - 4 Obsidian Loop, This is an annual affair and always interesting. Ken & Robin Lodewick lds.

Aug. 4 - Lowder Mtn. Up the East Fork McKenzie with Betty Hack.

Aug. 5 - Canyon Glacier Meadows in a rather new area. North East of Three Fingers. Joy Ballinger

Aug, 4-5- Park Meadows with Dale Carlson Dale knows this country like he knows his own back yard.

Aug. 11- Diamond View Lake up in the Diamond Peak country. Merle Traudt leads.

Aug. 12 - Millican Crater up in the McKenzie Pass.Michael Wright lds

Aug. 11-12-Linton Meadows by a new route Greg Wannier will get you lost

Aug. 18 - Mt. Fuji over from Japan. Dave Cohen pushing you up.

Aug. 19 - Grizzly Peak. This refers to the peak, not bears. Near Mtn Jeff. And Dorothy Leland again

Aug. 18-19-20-Bike trip for Teenagers. Too tough for oldsters & the leader Marianne Sandstrom.

Aug. 25 - Irish Mtn. Not in Ireland, but Merle Traudt knows where.

Aug. 26 - The Three Pyramids up the Santiam with Clarence Johnson.

Sept. 1-2-3- Sky Lakes in a new proposed Wilderness area. Marriner Orum

Sept. 1-2-3-Collier Glacier with Raymond Sims.

Sept. 1-2-3- Sunshine Shelter (where it used to be) For Families and small children and Dave Zevenbergen leads.

Sept. 9-Lillian Falls to Klovedahl Bay. Don Payne leads. Near Waldo Lake

Sept. 8-9-Dave Zevenbergen again up into Jeff Park.


July 27-28-29-South Sister with John Nosler in front.

July 28-29-North & Middle Sister and Mr. Dick Moffitt leading,

Aug. 4-5-Diamond Peak with Greg Wannier.
South Sister with Ed Harms.
Jefferson witlh Tom Taylor.

Aug. 11-12-Middle Sister-Joel McClure.
3 Fingers with Dave Mention.

Aug. 18-19-Washington.Doing by the light of Dave Moon. Moonlighting.

Aug. 25-26-Thielsen with a doctor.Doctor Bascom operating,

Sept. 1-2-3-Broken Top. Clarence Landes.

Sept. 7-8-9-Mt.Shihsan in Northern Washington and Norm Benton leads.

Sept. 8-9 McLoughlin with Lois Schreiner

Sept. 15-16-3 Fingers again. Ric Craven.

Sept. 15-16- Washington and Chapin Clark leads the last climb of the season listed in the schedule.


Next doin's at the Lodge will be Sept. 14. Probably a Summer Camp Reunion.


July - 21-22-Sunshine Shelter - McKenzie Pass - Frog Camp. Shuttle. High School & College age. For more information see Frank Moore.


The Princesses Obsidian Womens party (an annual event) will take place August 20th at the home of the Bridgemens. 375 Cherry Drive, off Harlow Road. First off a pot-luck supper will be indulged in and then there is a program planned for you. All Obsidian women welcome. Time 630


Because of change in mailing your Bulletin will not be forwarded, so if you want your Obsidian it will be necessary to notify us of any change of address.

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