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VOL 35 OCTOBER 1974 No. 1


Oct. 12-Mystery trip and Clarence Johnson will solve it.

Oct. 13-Carpenter Mtn.See amazing Wolf Rock with Merle Traudt leading.

Oct. 19-Mt. Yoran with Margaret Wiese in the lead.

Oct. 20-Roman Nose & Esmond Lake over in the Coast Range and Dr. E. Baldwin will lead.

Oct. 27-Jasper Bike Trip.Go along with Clara Emlen.

Nov. 2--Annual Beach hike with Clarence Landes.


Will dine together at North's Chuckwagon on Friday, October 18,--Address is 2864-Willamette--- time is 5:30 (there is a Senior Citizen discount between 5 and 6 p.m.) Call 344-5168 for reservations.


First fall meeting at Mary Gillespie's was attended by 12 Princesses: Florence Sims was co-hostess. Lois Schreiner was named 1974-75 President to succeed Helen Lynch. Dorothy Leland will be Sec-Treas. Vice-President will be announced later.

Some late news: June Princess meeting was held at Lois Schreiner's new home on Ventrua St. where everyone enjoyed the tour and refreshments and the group presented Lois with a gift certificate.

Princesses are invited to meet at the home of Bertha Anderson, 1823 Brentwood at ?:3O p.m.,Monday,Oct. 21. Helen Smith will be co-hostess. During October the annual Maltese Cross Project will be carried out.


Send them to Lois Schreiner, 336 Ventura, Eugene - 97405. Dues are as follows: Single $6.00 - Juniors (Under 18) $2.00 - Couples (Married) $10.00 - There is a family rate of $12.00. Subscription to the Obsidian Bulletin to non-members is $2.00 per year.

MARGARET MARKLEY is the latest contributer to the Memorial Rockwall.


Last spring the Board had printed forms to be given to leaders of trips to be filled in with information as to needs of improvments on trail and sent to the Forest Service Involved. This has been received by the Forest Service with open arms. Wes Prouty sent in one to the Sweet Home Ranger Station about logs on trail 3386 and this is their reply.

"Dear Mr. Prouty:

Just received your trails report on 3386. This kind of report is very much appreciated and can allow us to reclaim some old trails. As a matter of fact, we have reclaimed more than 10 miles over the last 3 years.

I would like to offer a couple of suggestions. It would be helpful if you folks could give some indication of the extent of the work needed, 2 logs or 50 logs, big logs or little logs, 10 feet or ½ mile of tread improvement. Also, it would be helpful to get the report in soon after it is made.

Don't get me wrong.I think it is great that you are interested enough to take the time to pass helpful information."

Thanks, Richard D. Harlan.

FLASH! Hot off the wire- Rose Marie Moffitt will be the Vice-President of the Princesses for the coming year.

OLD GROUCH doesn't call anyone anymore for items for the Obsidian. To have information you may want to go in be sure to have it reach the Editor not later than the first Wednesday of the month. Bob Medill, 2164 Laura, Springfield, Or. 97477 - Phone 726-7496.

CLARENCE LANDES and his band of conscripts have completed all the rock work having rip-rapped the dirt bank at the north end of the Lodge and the whole place cleaned up - Looks nice.


The last one of the year and all filled up the last report we had. And we will have weather - you can bet on that.

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