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VOL 35 NOVEMBER 1974 No. 2

THANKSGIVING DINNER 1:30 p.m. at the Lodge November 28th $1.50 over 12-12 & under 75¢

Turkey, dressing,mashed potatoes & gravy and coffee or tea.

Bring one dish: either salad, vegetable or dessert. You will be notified which. Reservations are a must in order to have the correct amount of food. Make your reservations to Dorothy Leland 688-4405, Bob Medill 726-7496, or Paula Vehrs-----344-0443.


The Theme of this years part will be Holiday Old World. It will start with a pot-luck dinner at 6:30. There will be a "Tasting Table" on which you are invited to place any "Old World" dishes you may bring and all attending are invited to taste to your hearts content. On this specialty table will be Spekulatius, St. Johannes Brod and other things that you may think of. One of these items on the table will be a cooked goose. (Not not an Obsidian cooked up in a special way. A gift exchange will also take place as usual with handcrafted gifts preferred, not costing over $1. There will be some entertainment by members. Again the date Dec. 14. Sat. Come and enjoy the dinner relaxing to the music of Seasonal Carols Mark your gift his or hers or child.


There will be a New Years party on New Years Eve. You are requested to bring slides of winter scenes.The annual liars contest will be held as well as other forms of entertainment. More in the Dec. Bulletin.


We again call your attention to the notice you recieved in your last Obsidian. Several have already remitted. One Frank Manning sent in $3 instead of the two dollars. Frank always does this as a way of showing his interest in the Club.


Nov. 17- A tour thru the Diamond Peak Wilderness with Tom Spaulding.

Nov. 24- A sort of an Olio Free-For-all. Everyone who can and wants to, bring some pics and show others where you have been.

Dec. 1--The Middle East with emphasis on Jordan. Mr. Stoddard Malarkey will show.

Dec. 8--Oregon High Desert country with Bob Mazaka. Bob is chairman of the High Desert Committee.


Pres.Don Payne-Rt 2, Bx 151 Springfield, 97477 - 746-1964.

V-Pres. Merle Traudt, 1248 W. 14th, Euggene 97402 - 345-5507

Sec. Charlotte Mills, 5110 Nectar Way, Eugene 97405 - 343-0519.

Trea. Dorothy Hayes, 3980 Donald, Eugene 97405 - 342-3108.

Trips. Dave Zevenbergen, 1355 B st. Springfield, 97477 - 747-2386.

Climbs-Bud Proctor, 733 Maple St., Jucntion city 97448 - 998-2543.

Bus Trips, Gerry Fehly, 1601 Olive, Apt. 604 Eugene 97401 - 343-2784.

Outing, Merle Traudt.

Entertainment-Dorothy Leland, 466 Anchor Ave. E. 97404 - 688-4405.

Publications- Helen Smith, 1310 Hammack, Eugene 97401 - 343-0648.

Membership-Mary Carr, 1601 Olive, Apt. 407 Eugene 97401 - 344-1082.

Bldg & Grds, Clarence Landes, 1964 E 19 Eugene 97403 - 344-4500.

Conservation-Marriner Orum 2389 Floral Hill Dr. 97403 - 342-4527.

Library-Bea LeFevre, P.O.Bbx.335, Creswell, 97426 - 895-4222.

Youth-Frank Moore 830 Wsverly, Eugene 97401 - 686-1223.

Ed. & Science-Ewart Baldwin,2058 Harris Eugene 97403 345-9755

There are people who do not make errors. There are the ones who don't do anything

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