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VOL 34 MARCH 1974 No. 6


March 16 (Sat.) Castle Rock with Merle Traudt. Always a favorite.

March 17 (Sun.) No trip. Open date.

March 23 (Sat.) Lookout Point Reservoir with Donn Chase. A trip thru the innards of the dam.

March 30 (Sat.) Open date.

March 31 (Sun.) McKenzie River Trail and Kenneth & Robin Lodewick leads.

April 6 (Sat.) Open date.

April 7 (Sun.) Palm Sunday. No trip.


The Obsidians have reduced their hiking & climbing schedule due to the gas shortage and all hikes and climbs are dependent upon the availability of vehicle transportation.

Anyone wanting to lead a hike on an OPEN DATE or week-end please call up the trip Chairman 747-2386.


Frances Newsom invites the Princesses to meet at her home Mon. March 18, 7:30 p.m. Jane Hilt will be co-hostess.

Blacnhe Bailey will show slides of her recent trip to Australia.Wilma Moore entertained the group in February, and Frances Newsom presented slides and artifacts from her recent trip to Poland, where she visited the family of a former graduate studemt who lived with her, while studying at the U. of O. Obsidians will remember "Sophie ". President Helen Lynch completed the two new Chief Emblem


All Obsidians are invited to join the bunch at the Asia Garden, 44 E. 7th Ave. Eugene, on Thursday evening, March 28th, 6:00 p.m. Prices for Chinese dinners run from $3.25 up: American food is also available from $2.95 up. Please call M. Castelloe, 344-5168 for reservations by Monday, March 27th.


An aluminum frame fanny back. pack. Has 3 out side pockets. Call evenings 344-8952. Mary Bridgeman.



How I'd love to hold and feel ya!
To hold you in my arms,
To dote upon your charms,
My Pretty Indian Maid, Kah-Nee-Tah.

ESCAPE!! Your cabin fever and long gas lines!Come along to Warm Springs Indian REservation. Kah-Nee-Tah Village by bus with stops enroute. The bus will load at 7:45 a.m., Sat. March 30th at South Eugene High School Parking lot.Take a sack lunch for Sat. Noon. Leave KAH-NEE-TAH Sun. Mar. 31 at 2 p.m., Taking a scenic loop around Cove Pallisades, Smith Rocks and home in early evening.

Available will be swimming, hiking, bird-watching, horseback riding and just loafing. Take warm clothing, swimming suit and wear walking shoes.

Cost per person will be $22.50, which includes bus fare, room and sat. evening dinner,plus swimming privileges and trip fee.

Reserved at KAH--NEE--TAH Village will be units with 3 beds and cooking facilities and the remodeled single units with twin beds; all have private baths.

Leaders are: Jane Hilt 344-8230 and Helen Weiser 345-1234. Checks should be made out to Obsidians, Inc.and mailed to Jane Hilt, 1012 E. 22, Eugene, 97405 to insure your reservation.

Cancellations can be refunded to March 25, and to departure date if a replacement can be found for your reservation.

The bus capacity has been reached,but reservations are still being accepted in case some drop out. Your check should be sent in not later than March 15th.


LES ANDERSON, Eugene Mayor, will present a program of his recent Mt. Kilimanjaro trip, and also give us a talk on the proposed, and often talked about, South Hills Park. Don't forget! This is on a Friday evening, and not the usual Saturday evening. At 6:30 at the Lodge. 29th and Spring

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