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VOL 34 MAY 1974 NO. 7


May 4 - Little Tahoma with Steve Ross the leader.

May 11-12-Mt. Bailey.This one a ski climb only. Marriner Orum lds.

May 11-12-Mt.Hood over the Wy-East rte and Dale Moon the leader.


Apr. 13-Coast Range-A new area is promised and Clara Emlen leads.

Apr. 20-Mt. Pisgah--Dorothy Leland leads this always a favorite early trp in the Spring.


May 4---A one day Coast Trip with stops here and there with Mary-Douglas Stoval in charge.


May 4-Saturday. One day trip from Depot Bay to Florence. The bus will load at South Eugene Hi parking lot at 7:45 a.m. Take a sack lunch for our stop at Devils Punch Bowl. Wear Comfortable walking shoes or boots and warm clothing. From Depot Bay we will head south with stops at Devil's Punch Bowl,Newport,Seal Rock, Muriel O, Ponsler Memorial Wayside,Perpetua Visitor's Center, Devil's Elbow State Park, Darlingtonia Wayside and on the way home stop at the Gingerbread House for a snack.

Cost per person will be $5.00. Call Mary-Douglass Stovall 344-8530, or Helen Weiser 345-1234 for reservations not later than April 20. Make checks out to Obsidians, Inc.and mail to Mary-Douglass Stovall, 2365 Cal Young Rd. 5A, Eugene, Oregon 97401. Cancellations will not be refunded after April 27, or to date if replacements can be found.

Join us and have a fun day at the beach


All Obsidians are invited to get together for dinner at the Original Pancake House on Thursday,April 25 at 6 p.m Call Mary Castelloe for reservations. The Original is located at 659 East Brdy


At the Lodge. Time 6:30. There will be a program. See back page.


Anyone planning to go on this trip, July, 7th to July 13th, please contact leader so plans can be made for transportation. To save gas hike will be from Pinecrest, Ore. (Hiway 66) to Margarette Lake plus hike out to Nannie Creek Trail Total distance of 63 miles will average 9 miles per day (leave Eugene July 6th & return July 14th). Signup will be a week in advance and a pre-trip meeting will be held at.the Lodge, on Tuesday, July 2nd at 7:30 p.m. Wesley Prouty 747-9511.

AND give a welcome to:

SHARON GILMAN, #21 West 24th, Eugene &
VICTORIA GILMMAN, 8 years of age.

DAVE ZEVENBERGEN has had printed up a form to be filled in by leaders of any trail conditions that are in need of maintenance. These to be sent to Trips Committee Chairman when mailing in their trips reports and Dave will forward to the various Forest Rangers involved. The Forest Service has indicated to us that this will save them the necessary time to go over all the trails themselves and will be a big saving to them in both time and money.

FROM ED. JOHANN, P.O.Box 19171, Portland Oregon 97219---

The Obsidians,

Hi. I am writing to ask your Club, and any members of your Club to please send me any "info" they may come across during the year that has anything to do with trail trips, trail conditions snowfoot travel and "whats Happening" type stuff. I need this input of "info" for the Signpost Publications.

Thank you.


"Thanks, Bob Medill, for all the publicity. Your paper proved to be the entertainment in my corner at our last Board meeting - real refreshing & thanks for the exercise we got from laughing".

The above in response to the comment made in the January Obsidian re all the ladies on their Board.

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