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VOL 34 June 1974 No. 9


June 22-West of Waldo Lake to Waldo Mt. Helen Smith leads.

June 23-Lamb Butte-Up the East Fork of the McKenzie. Art Steele leads.

June 22-23-Over the new McKenzie Trail and Paula Vehrs will lead.

June 29-Olallie Ridge-Horsepasture Mtn. E. Fork McKenzie--Doug Appel ld

June 30-Iron Mtn. An Annual Flower trip with Ray Sims in front.

June 30-Black Butte-McKenzie Pass neighborhood with Parker Riddle.

July 4th-Bohemia Mtn. and mines. Kenneth and Robin Lodewick leading.

July 6-Honey Lakes. A honey of a trip & Don Payne will lead you.

July 7-Dorena REservoir-A bike trip with Dave Cohen in the lead.

July 6-7-Erma Bell Lakes-Dave Zevenbergen leads and says good fishing.

July 13-Lava Lake--Frog Camp--A shuttle car doins with Lee Hatch leading.

July 13-Three Pyramids up the Santiam & Clarence Johnson leads.


June 22-23-Three Fingered Jack via Booth Lake. John McManigal leading.

June 29-30-Mt. Washing & Dick Moffitt Leads. Let a dentist pull you up.

June 29-30- Diamond Peak and leading will be Bob Holmquist. .

July 5-6-Mt. Washington.A Saturday climb with Dave Chase.

July 6-7-South Sister by way of Green Lakes. Lee Hatch in front.

July 12-13-Three Fingered Jack. Saturday Climb. Bud Proctor leading.

July 13-14-North Sister and Chapin Clark will be in the lead.


July 7 to 13-Travel the Pacific Crest Trail from Calif. to Sky Lakes. F For complete info contact Wesley Prouty.


Fourth of July Potluck at the Lodge. Believe it or not,July 4th is on a Thursday this year and it's on the there will be a potluck picnis at Obsidian Lodge-1 p.m. Ray Sims makes coffee.


6:30 p.m. the "Come and get it" will ring out sweet bells for the hungry with Dr.Richard Moffitt entertaining us afterwards with pictures and a talk on bicyling here and there, but concentrating on bicycling among the San Juan Islands.


The Princesses will have an overnight outing to Chemeketan Lodge Sat. and Sun June 22-23. The Lodge is near Salem, on Whitewater Creek. Members planning to go--please call Mary Bridgeman 344-8952, or Mary Castelloe 344-5168 as soon as possible. Sat. dinner will be potluck, Sunday breakfast served by committee and sack lunch for Sunday lunch. Bring your own utensils and overnight equipment, and boots for hiking. Lodge fee is 50¢ per person.

Chemeketan President Marge Beaman will be with us and Blanche Bailey too. Transportation will be arranged by Vera Heidenreich and Lois Schreiner.


WILL BE June 20, Thursday at 2 p.m., at the King's Table, 2470 W 11th at McKinley call 344-5168 for reservations.


The Annual Women's Party (sponsered by Princesses) is coming soon! It will be Monday, July 15 at the Lodge. More information in July bulletin.


The Princesses will meet June 17, 7:30 p.m. at Lois Schreiner's home, 336 Ventura; Charlotte Lemon will be assistant hostess. The May meeting was at the home of Dorothy Medill, with Vera Heidenreich assisting. Jane Hilt described her trip to England and displayed scenic postcards and folders. With the arrival of good weather, Mary Bridgeman will soon schedule the Willamette River Bank hike. with Mary Gillespie is home to be either take-off point or end of hike. Comments were favorable on the new fireplace screen purchased by the Princesses and installed by Clarence Landes and Merle Traudt.

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