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VOL 34 JULY - AUGUST 1974 No 10


From July 15th to Sept. 15th all trips will take off from 19th and Patterson account of construction around the Park block.


July 20-21-McFarland Lake. Leading-Dave Zevenbergen.

July 28----June Lake. Leading? Bob Cox.

July 27--28-Grasshopper to Chucksney Mtn. Helen Smith leading.

Aug. 3-----Obsidian Loop with Ken and Robin Lodewick leading.

Aug. 4------Tidbits and Alvin Lynch leads

Aug. 3-4---Linton Meadows & Greg Wannier to accompany you.

Aug. 17----Marie & Rockpile Lakes. Charlotte Mills leads.

Aug. i8----Scott Mountain. Melba Echoff in front.

Aug., 25----Irish Mtn. with Merle Traudt leading.

Aug. 31----Collier Glacier. Chuck Berkey for company.

Sept. 7----Fawn Lake and Gloria Hanan leading.

Sept. 8----Yapoah Lake. Again Bob Cox leads.

Sept. 15--Mystery Hike and leading w111 be John Cecil.

Sept, 14-15-Bert Ewing will lead a trip to be announced.


July 19-20-North Sister Via Hayden Glacier.Sat. Climb.Don Payne lds

July 20-21-South Sister with Jim Jeppeson leading.

July 20-21-Middle Sister.Gregory Wannier leader.

July 27-28-South Sister via Green Lakes and Joel McClure leads.

July 27-28-Mt. Jefferson and in front is Bob Dark.

July 27-28-Broken Top. Clarence Landes leads this one.

Aug. 3-4---Mt. Washington and leading is Rick McManigal.

Aug. 10-11-Middle Sister Via Scott Camp and leader is Jim Jeppesen.

Aug. 10-11-Mt. Thielsen. John Bascom out in front.

Aug. 17-18-Middle Sister via Squaw Creek Go this one with Bruce Utsey.

Aug..24-25-Diamond Peak with Dave Burwell leading.

Aug. 31-Sept. 1-2- Mt..Jefferson and in front is Rich Temple.

Sept. 7-8--Diamond Peak via Blue Lake & leading is Wes Prouty.

Sept. 14--15-Three Fingered Jack and Ric Craven Leads.


The next Obsidian Bus Trip goes to Mount Hood August 10 and 11. We have rooms with twin beds, transportation and trips fee for just $22. Non-members add 10%. Take sack lunch-coffee will be furnished. Dinner and breakfast are available at Timberline Lodge. We should have more than 24 hours in which to hike around, look for flowers and birds and just to enjoy the fresh air and the view To sign up call Mrs. George Kardell 344-4057 and send check to her at 350 Pearl St. Eugen, Oregon 97401, by Aug. First. Refunds can be made if there is a replacement. Timberline Lodge is a beautiful spot.

AWAY WE GO TO THE GREAT EXPO! September 11, 12, 13, 14.

Yes, you'll be sure to go,
If you send in your"dough."
August 15th's the due date.
Please try not to be late!
Advance expenses we must pay,
So we can all be on our way.
You should take a sack lunch,
And dine merrily with the bunch.
With coffee please don't fuss,
There will be plenty on the bus.
If you need to know more,
We won't be a bit sore,
If you just call Gerry,
Three four three-
Two seven eight four.
If. hse's not in her place,
Just call Grace 345-6568,
And don't make it too late!

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