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January 27, 2012—Favorite Oregon Hikes & Adventures - Sullivan

Oregon hiking guru Bill Sullivan will take us on a tour of his favorite trips -- hikes and adventures in all parts of the state, choosing top trips for each month of the year. Based on his new book, Oregon Favorites, the presentation includes tips on new trails, as well as anecdotes about history, geology, wildlife, and people along the way. A fifth-generation Oregonian, Sullivan has written seven books about Oregon’s outdoors, as well as two books on Oregon history, two adventure memoirs, and three novels. His journal, Listening for Coyote was chosen by the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission as one of the 100 most significant books in the state’s history. Bill is a perennial favorite, and his presentations are always enjoyable and informative.

February 24, 2012—Greg Vaughn

Wandering throughout the Pacific Northwest for over twenty years, Eugene photographer Greg Vaughn has been combining his love of travel and nature with photography, and he will share his images and discoveries with us. He will take us on a photographic tour of Oregon, highlighting the best of the natural wonders of our state. Along the way, Greg will offer tips and instructions on how to improve your own photographic efforts on your travels. Greg is the author and photographer of the travel guidebook, Photographing Oregon, which was named Best Travel Book of 2009 by the Independent Book Publishers Association.

March 30, 2012—Washington Trail Guide - Craig Romano

Think there are limits to what we can do in our fifties? Think again, and come hear Craig Romano tell us about the challenges he undertakes in his fifties. From Mt. Vernon, WA, Craig is an avid hiker, runner, kayaker, and cyclist. For his fiftieth birthday last year, he ran a fifty-mile marathon. He is the author of several books on hiking in the Northwest including Best Hikes With Dogs, Inland Northwest, Day Hiking: Central Cascades, and Backpacking Washington. Our speaker will also tell us about some hiking near Mt. Baker, the site of this year’s summer camp.

April 27, 2012—Summer Camp 2012 - Lana Lindstrom

If you’ve signed up for Summer Camp in the Mt. Baker, Washington area, plan on attending the Rally, Friday, April 28. We’ll show slides of the Excelsior Group campground, the beautiful surrounding area, and some of the best hikes. We’ll also share tips of what to bring, whet your appetite with meal descriptions, and discuss chore responsibilities. If you haven’t gone camping with us before, this will be a great opportunity to learn how we do it. If you’re an old hand, please come to share your stories and get inspired to dust off your gear.

May 18, 2012—Africa - Chris Stockdale

Last fall, Obsidian Chris Stockdale headed for Kenya and South Africa with adventure in mind. She first did a strenuous climb up to Pt. Lenana at 16,355 feet on Mt. Kenya. The climb up Mt. Kenya is considered harder than the longer climb up Kilimanjaro, even though the elevation is lower. Chris has climbed both and agrees with that sentiment, but attributes part of it to the fact that 30 years have elapsed since she climbed Kilimanjaro. The next adventure of this trip was a 6-day trek into the Drakensberg Mountains in the southeastern part of South Africa. The trek was supported by five Zulu porters, was led by a white South African, and traversed magnificent stretches of the mountains. The only other human beings sighted during this whole time were two Basuto people heading back to their village . . . and they were way off in the distance. Plentiful bird life and wildflowers along with spectacular scenery made this an unforgettable journey.

June 22, 2012—Sustainable Enlightenment - Doug McCarty

Author and Obsidian Douglas McCarty will discuss his book, Sustainable Enlightenment: Einstein’s Razor: Seven Simple Steps to Awakening. Einstein said, “Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Finding connection, meaning and purpose in life should be as simple (and sustainable) as possible, but no simpler. This should be achieved as soon as possible, and maintained throughout life. The simple truth is, enlightenment or awakening is literally at your fingertips and taste buds every waking hour of every day. Buddhism’s Noble Eightfold Path begins with Correct Perception, and correct (untainted, unfettered) perception is the heavy lifting of attaining awareness: and once you have achieved this simple goal, the rest is almost an after note. Perception leads to a deep and abiding awareness of the suchness of the physical world, a central concept in eastern thought. Understanding the suchness of the perceivable world, its fractal geometry and chaotic nature, is the very first step to a life of enlightenment. Copies of Sustainable Enlightenment will be available for purchase after the talk, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Obsidians.

September 28, 2012—Who are the Obsidians?

Welcome! Obsidians in Action on Trails, Roads, Water and Mountains Enjoy a media presentation featuring Obsidian activities of 2011-2012, including Summer Camp. Janet Jacobsen has compiled photographers’ photos and will narrate the program. Come see what you missed or see yourself in action.

October 26, 2012—Grand Teton NP - Doug Crispin

November 16, 2012—Climbing in the Cascades