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January 25, 2013—New OR Cascades Hikes - Sullivan

AUTHOR AND HIKING GURU WILLIAM L. SULLIVAN takes us on a dozen new trails he discovered in the area between Salem and Bend while researching the newly released fourth edition of his guidebook, 100 Hikes in the Central Oregon Cascades. Included are paths to a warm springs near Oakridge, a lake with a reflection of South Sister, and a wildflower meadow at Mt. Jefferson. Along the way, expect anecdotes about local history, wildflowers, and outdoor lore. Sullivan is the author of three novels and a dozen books about Oregon, including the popular 100 Hikes series, Oregon Trips & Trails, Hiking Oregon’s History, and Oregon Favorites. His journal of a 1,000-mile hike he took across Oregon, Listening for Coyote, was chosen by the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission as one of Oregon’s 100 Books, the one hundred most significant books in the state’s history.

February 22, 2013—Walking Tours of England - Jim Duncan

WALKING THE ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE Hiking in England is a different kind of adventure. Your route on “public footpaths” often takes you across grassy sheep meadows, barnyards or through cultivated fields. You may encounter the remains of an ancient Roman road, or walk on medieval paths in the footsteps of 11th century monks. It’s not unusual to come upon a castle or the remains of an old abbey, and occasionally, petroglyphs or hillside chalk carvings from the Bronze Age. Along the way, you may visit a tin mine, come across the home of a famous author or see a church door that inspired J R R Tolkien, and end up in a quaint English village where a pint of ale at the local pub brings the day’s activities to a glorious end! Jim Duncan will talk about two Elderhostel hiking trips he and Sharon have taken to England. The first was to the rugged hills of the Lake District, perhaps the most beautiful area of England, and the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, where they hiked over heather-covered moors and along the North Sea Coast on the Cleveland Way. On the second trip in September 2011, accompanied by Kathy Hoeg, they hiked in the picturesque Cotswolds region dotted with historic villages such as Chipping Campden and Stow-on-the-Wold, then traveled down to the southwestern corner of England to hike the rugged coastline of Cornwall, home of the King Arthur legend (and the Doc Martin television series).

March 22, 2013—The State of Determination - Aaron Nicholson

A Self-contained Journey Across Oregon In summer of 2008, Aaron J. Nicholson set out to complete the unthinkable: a 460-mile solo backpacking trip across the State of Oregon without resupplying food or gear. Carrying an immensely heavy pack containing an unappetizing variety of calorie-rich foods, he started his quest at the California border and trekked north on the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, determined to reach the Columbia River. But could it be done? Did he possess the resolve and stamina necessary to achieve his one-pack goal? Or would he succumb to exhaustion or the forces of nature? His book, The State of Determination, chronicles Nicholson's careful planning and execution of the journey, as well as his unforgettable adventures on the trail.

April 26, 2013—Summer Camp Rally

Info about Camp Lana to be held in the Trinity Alps July 8-13.

May 17, 2013—Astoria to Bar Harbor by bike

Lyn Gilman-Garrick will be presenting Thoughts From the Open Road-Astoria to Bar Harbor by Bicycle

June 28, 2013—A Trip to Patagonia - Lana Lindstrom

September 27, 2013—Cascade Summer - Bob Welch

Bob Welch will deliver the tale of his 452-mile hike in the Cascade Range, from the California border to the Washington border. Between bugs and blisters, he contemplates Judge John Waldo, who hiked these same stretches more than a century ago and fought to have the Cascade Range set off as public land.

October 25, 2013—Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Doug Crispin a retired Park Ranger will be speaking about Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

November 22, 2013—Erin McKittrick: Alaska

Erin McKittrick: Small Feet, Big Land, Adventure, Home and Family on the Edge of Alaska.