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January 23, 2015—Bill Sullivan

New and Endangered Oregon Wilderness Hikes

February 27, 2015—Winter Olympics at Sochi

2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi with Lana Lindstrom The stars were aligned: the Olympics have always been one of Lana’s favorite events; she speaks Russian fluently; and the Olympic Committee was seeking volunteers! At the end of a two-year process, she spent almost three weeks in Sochi. Her job was in Event Services at the Cross Country Ski/Biathlon venue – helping spectators navigate the security system, providing directions, ushering, and generally assisting patrons. Lana will be sharing slides and stories about this unique experience at the February potluck program.

March 27, 2015—Cycle Touring

Cycle Touring: You never know what's around the corner Two college graduates from Oregon State (Stormy and Todd) set out to explore their country after getting rid of everything they own, except what they would be packing on their bicycles. Thinking they have a degree in one hand and life possibly figured out in the other, their route would include cycling over 20,000 miles in 1.5 years. Hotels and restaurants were not on the itinerary, but instead, gaining experiential learning and testing their desire to explore United States was within their budget. Come listen to their story and how the trip turned out; it didn't end like a fairy tale, but that's because these two authors are not done writing!

April 24, 2015—John Muir Trail

Bob Welch will talk about his backpacking trip on the John Muir Trail.

May 15, 2015—Climbing in Venezuela

North face of Ptari-tepui in Venezuela, Jan. 21 - Feb.9 with Maikey Lopera, Federico Pisani, Ivan Calderon and Manuel Escobar. On January 21 a 4-man team departed Caracas, Venezuela with the goal of exploring and climbing the remote Ptari Tepui in the Guyana (Guiana) highlands of Southern Venezuela. Three days drive across half of the country placed us at the village of Kavanayen where we met our guides and porters. Three more days of jungle trek got us at the base of the unexplored north face of Ptari-tepui. Although this is the “dry season” for tepui climbing, conditions on this face were extremely cloudy, windy and wet. With an elusive summit and running out of time we established an 8-pitch route (sans summit) during the next 10 days. It was truly a magical and wet experience in the depths of the Guiana jungle!

June 26, 2015—Vietnam and Cambodia

Travelling in Vietnam and Cambodia: nose to nose with culture, history and cuisine by Maryanne Reiter In February of 2015 four friends took a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia; travelling from North Vietnam down to central Vietnam and then over to northern Cambodia. While I was growing up Vietnam was a war and Cambodia was a violent regime. I wanted to see those places as countries and people. We set up a private tour where we met guides along the way who helped us with our adventures in trekking, boating, sight-seeing and delving deeper into the local history and customs.

September 25, 2015—Trekking In Ecuador and India

Jorry Rolfe and Randy Sinnott will present "Trekking In Ecuador and India: 2 trails + 2 hikers".

October 23, 2015—The Long Ride Home

After living abroad for 11 years, Melissa Pritchard biked home solo for 21,000 miles – 27 countries and 4 continents in 14 months, through rain forests, deserts, alpine mountains, and coastlines. Passionate about her career as a teacher, she also visited 50+ schools to work with students. The trip showed her that life on the road is always an adventure!

November 20, 2015—Overland Across Eurasia

Overland Across Eurasia: Amsterdam to Hong Kong - Last year, David Schroeder and Deanna Campbell traveled around the world together, along the way following ancient trade routes and high mountain places -- the Silk Road, the Balkans, and China. Their travelogue includes crossing the Caspian Sea by cargo ship, difficult border crossings in Uzbekistan and China, and making new friends in the High Pamirs of Tajikistan's GBAO.