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January 22, 2016—Skiing Denali’s Shadow

No snow in Oregon? Go to Alaska! That's what Obsidians Lana Lindstrom, Lyndell Wilken, Sue Wolling, and their friend Jean Snuggs did last March. They skied and snowshoed near Denali National Park for 4 days. Then they traveled by train to Fairbanks in order to view the Aurora Borealis. Lana will share slides of their amazing experiences at the program following the potluck.

February 26, 2016—Hikes in Eastern Oregon

Bill Sullivan presents new hikes in Eastern Oregon

March 25, 2016—African Adventure

Bucket List: Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti with Peter Baxter, African adventure guide, author and historian. Have you dreamed of standing at the peak of one of the Seven Summits? Or experiencing one of earth’s last and largest natural areas, teeming with wildlife? Stepping back in time to the origins of mankind in Olduvai Gorge? Diving into the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean along the ancient Spice Routes? Your bucket list is about to get real! You’ll learn how to prepare and train to wind your way through four distinct habitats to reach the fabled 19,341-foot Uhuru Peak. Follow that high point by exploring the cultural richness, natural history and wildlife of the Serengeti plains, and wrap this once-in-a-lifetime experience on the beaches of exotic Zanzibar. Peter will share insights and inspiration from his long career guiding hikers, history buffs and nature lovers in this fascinating and quickly changing part of the world.

April 22, 2016—Oregon Geology one road at a time

Oregon hosts the shortest, yet one of the most interesting and event-filled geologic histories of any western state. This history includes the building of Oregon’s foundation and its addition to the North American Continent, creation of numerous mountain ranges, and unimaginably huge volcanic eruptions. We see this history in Oregon’s rock record, which underlies an equally interesting and diverse landscape, and which is exposed along Oregon’s highways. In this talk, geologist and photographer Dr. Marli Miller of the University of Oregon will describe Oregon’s geological story as laid out in her book Roadside Geology of Oregon. She will have copies of the book for purchase and signing after the talk.

May 20, 2016—Alpenstocks to Ice Axes

Obsidian Ascents: Alpenstocks to Ice Axes Curious about Obsidians and Pacific Northwest climbs? Join Maryanne Reiter, Obsidian Climbs Chair, and explore the history of Obsidian mountaineering through its climbers, gear and climbing philosophy. Things have changed!

June 24, 2016—Southern California Coast Walk

Interested in a long distance walk in the US, where you can stay in nice lodgings every night and have luggage transported for you like in Europe? Burgess brings us details of a world-class long distance walk in Southern California, including stunning natural beauty, spectacular sandy beaches, homes of Hollywood stars studding the path, and cozy neighborhood enclaves. Her daily diary of trip sketches will inspire the artist/hikers among us. Tyler Burgess of Walk With Me is the author of several guidebooks: "Southern California Coast Walk", "Eugene Oregon Walks", "Seattle Townscape Walks", and "Oregon Townscape Walks." She organizes and leads walking trips in Europe and the USA and leads marathon walking training groups in Eugene.

September 23, 2016—Birds & Butterflies at the Border

Birds and Butterflies at the Border - South Texas The Lower Rio Grande Valley has recorded more than 500 bird species, 300 butterfly species, and over 1,200 plant species. With eleven different habitat types, it is one of the most biologically diverse areas you can visit without using a passport. Join local naturalist and longtime Obsidian member, Rick Ahrens, for a lively and informative presentation on the ecological and cultural life at the border.

October 28, 2016—Staying Active, Staying Strong

Presented by Wendy Simmons, LCC Employee Fitness Coordinator. Movement is the key to healthy aging. Do you want to be hiking at age 90? Get ideas how to maintain strength, agility, and balance. Learn how to continue to stay motivated and energetic by doing the activities you enjoy. This talk is for all ages and fitness levels.

November 18, 2016—Pacific Crest Trail, Washington Section

Author and columnist Bob Welch takes us on the latest section of his quest to complete the entire Pacific Crest Trail, a 12-day, 217-mile trip from just north of the Columbia River to Snoqualmie Pass east of Seattle last summer. Goat Peaks Wilderness. Mt. Adams. Mt. Rainier. Welch found Washington more rugged and beautiful than he imagined. Bob Welch is a longtime Register-Guard columnist/editor, author of 21 books and PCT hiker since 2011, when he completed a 26-day, 452-mile trip on the entire Oregon PCT. Since then, he is upped his total to 900 miles, just over a third of the entire trail and hopes to do the rest in the next four summers.