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January 27, 2017—New Hikes on the OR Coast

Bill Sullivan, Oregon's hiking guru, takes us on a slide show tour of a dozen new trails he discovered while researching the latest edition of his book, "100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Oregon Coast & Coast Range

February 24, 2017—Fife Trail, Scotland

Join long-distance hiker Al LePage as he shares an unusual and reflective journey on the east coast of Scotland during the last week of December.

March 24, 2017—America‚Äôs National Parks

AMERICA'S NATIONAL PARKS - An Insiders Look Last year America celebrated the centennial (100 year) anniversary of the National Park Service. How did this proud organization get its start? Who were the early personalities and its influential leaders? What is it like to be a National Park Service ranger today? What does the future hold for our American treasures? Our speaker shares the unique perspective of a park ranger who has seen and experienced first-hand, the wonders, history and traditions of our national parks. He will tell tales of America's 700 year old apartment dwellers as well as the secrete of how Yellowstone park rangers make their geyser eruption predictions! Eugene resident Doug Crispin is a retired Oregon State Parks ranger and semi-retired National Park Service ranger. He has also worked in 13 Western national park areas. In May Doug returns to Mesa Verde National Park (Colorado) for his 45th summer working in the park profession.

April 28, 2017—Cycling Hokkaido, Japan

Get inspired by Ruthy Kanagy to cycle the island of Hokkaido, gem of Northern Japan. See beautiful scenery, experience local culture, and learn about the indigenous people.

May 19, 2017—New Zealandby Bike

New Zealand by Bike, Boots and Boat by Mike Wolf With snow capped peaks, beautiful coastlines, tussock plains, and plentiful wildlife, New Zealand is an outdoor adventure paradise geared up for a diversity of outdoor recreational adventures suitable for any level of activity and budget. This will be a slideshow/talk recounting five months of self-supported, self-guided cycle touring and multi-day backpacking and kayaking trips throughout the North and South Islands.

June 23, 2017—Conserving Rhinos in South Africa

Conserving Rhinos in South Africa - Judy Adamcyk Judy was part of an EarthWatch scientific research team which is studying the effects of de-horning rhinos to discourage poachers. The volunteers tracked the rhinos to monitor their behavior and habits. Lots of other animals and birds were observed as well.

September 22, 2017—Images from the Polar Extremes

Photographer and photo editor Krista Rossow will share images from expeditions she took with National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica.

October 27, 2017—Plate Tectonics & Pacific NW

Beauty from the Beast: Plate Tectonics and the Landscapes of the Pacific Northwest with Bob Lillie The same geological forces that threaten our lives with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions also nourish our spirits by forming spectacular mountains, valleys, and coastlines. Dr. Bob Lillie relates this "Beauty from the Beast" story of the Pacific Northwest by highlighting spectacular scenery in national, state and local parklands. He draws on his experience as a geology professor, park ranger and graphic illustrator to remind Northwest residents that our towns and iconic parklands are subject to geologic processes that affect our lives and livelihoods. By learning to live with the beast of earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions, we can more fully appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Dr. Robert J. (Bob) Lillie is a writer, illustrator, and national park ranger specializing in communicating park landscapes and their deeper meanings to the public. He was a Professor of Geosciences at Oregon State University and has authored several books. He lives in the Coast Range near Mary's Peak.

November 17, 2017—Walking With Masai Youth

Walking with Masai youth in Kenya, Africa - Pat Boleyn, presenter