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January 26, 2018—Hikes in Southern OR & Northern CA

Oregon's hiking guru, Bill Sullivan, takes us on a slide show tour of new trails he discovered while researching the new fourth edition of his book, 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Southern Oregon & Northern California. We'll find hidden lakes in the Trinity Alps, relocated trails at Crater Lake, and wildflower meadows in the Siskiyous. As always, Sullivan spices his talk with notes on the geology, wildlife, and history.

February 23, 2018—John Muir

Barbara Mossberg presenter

March 30, 2018—Hiking in Norway

Caroline Forell & Dave Strutin presenters

April 27, 2018—Rafting the Grand Canyon

Diane Schechter &Pam Caples presenters

May 18, 2018—Hiking the Continental Divide

The First Women’s Hike of the Continental Divide Trail-1978 - Jean Ella presenter

September 28, 2018—Living Well Without Waste

Prevent it! Living Well Without Waste. Every day, the typical American is exposed to more than 3,000 advertising messages; consumption is at an all-time high. By exploring the environmental impacts of the stuff we buy, we can learn the value of consuming less, ways to resist pressure to buy unnecessary things, and options to reduce the amount of trash we generate. Presenter: Emily Shelton, BRING Education and Events Manager.

October 26, 2018—A Glimpse into History

A Glimpse into History: What Prominent People Have Said About Nature in Oregon and the Need to Conserve It. Author and presenter, former Sierra Club Executive Director Michael McCloskey

November 30, 2018—Through the Inside Passage

Inside: One Woman's Journey Through the Inside Passage. This is the inspiring story of a physical and emotional solo journey of 1,200 miles in an 18' sea kayak. Author and presenter, Susan Conrad