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Membership Committee:

Our Membership committee handles new membership requests, membership renewals, and assisting those in need of either.

For additional information, membership application or an information packet contact our Membership chair:
Diane Schechter - 541-206-7723 - membership@obsidians.org

How to become an Obsidian Member:

Submit an Application for Membership along with your $35 dues. The Board approves new members at their monthly meeting.

How to Renew Your Membership:

Obsidian Membership Renewal Form  

All members receive a renewal form with their September Bulletin. Submit the form with your $35 membership dues. Additional donations can also be made to support the Obsidians.

How to Renew if Your Membership has Lapsed:

If your membership has lapsed and you want to renew, complete the renewal form on the website. At this time, renewing and paying on line is not available after the Fall renewal period. For those who want to pay electronically, you can send in your renewal form and pay your dues to the Obsidians through your bank.

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