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Stewardship with City of Eugene:

OVER THE PAST 78 YEARS, Spencer Butte Park has been a monument to the commitment of many individuals and organizations determined to promote and preserve this exceptional natural feature. It continues to be in need of restoration and improvement. Thanks to the vision and efforts of Wayne Deeter and John Cooper, the Trail Maintenance Committee has enjoyed a renaissance through collaboration with the Eugene Parks & Open Space Division. Because the city does not have the resources alone to tackle much of the needed maintenance, the Trail Maintenance Committee is providing volunteer support for this much used and under appreciated resource.

With direction and equipment provided by Parks & Open Space Division's “Parks Stewards” program, this collaborative effort has focused on Spencer Butte trails since October, 2004. The consistent interest and turnout for these monthly trail maintenance outings has been exceptionally gratifying for the committee. In 2016, 13 outings were held with 34 Obsidians and 6 non-members volunteering for over 360 hours. Ugly and degraded side trails have been eliminated and replanted, trail drainage upgraded, tread surface improved, overgrowth removed and signage restored. There is much, much more needing to be done. It is hoped by the committee that more Obsidians and community members will join us to enhance the quality of trail conditions in the park and enjoy the amazing transformations that take place each time we meet.

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