Summer Trips include any human-powered ventures into our outdoor environment. Our hikes can vary from easy afternoon urban walks to strenuous hikes and overnight backpacks. We hike the trails through deep forest or across lava beds, visit wilderness lakes, climb up rocky crags to high promontories, saunter along ocean beaches, camp near glacier-fed torrents, or stand in admiration of flower-filled mountain meadows. We enjoy bicycle rides ranging from leisurely trips along winding country roads to workouts like 50-mile-plus rides over mountain passes. For boaters, we offer kayak, canoe, and rafting trips on both calm and wild water. From the time of spring blooms to the breakout of fall colors, our aim is to offer a wide variety of opportunities to take an active part in experiencing the wonders around us.


Upcoming Summer Trips

Are You Prepared For An Obsidian Trip?
For Cold? For Rain? For Sun? For Emergencies? What do you need to know before the trip? On the trail?  What are the Ten Essentials?
Signup for most activities is via our online signup system, accessible on our home page.  Online signup for an activity is normally enabled three weeks before a trip.   Special trips will be available for sign up earlier.

The 2020 Summer season is over. Check back in April to see the great schedule that the Summer Trips Committee has put together for the 2021 season.

Trip difficulty ratings:
Hint: A hike up Mt Pisgah by the main route would be considered an E (Easy) trip: 3 miles 1000 ft elevation gain.

  Hikes Bike Trips
Dist (Mi) Elev (Ft) Dist (Mi) Elev (Ft)

E (Easy)

≤ 5 ≤ 1000 ≤ 20 ≤ 1000

M (Moderate)

> 5 > 1000 > 20 > 1000
< 10 < 2500 < 40 < 2500

D (Difficult) 

≥ 10 ≥ 2500 ≥ 40 ≥ 2500


Reports on Past Trips

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