For many Obsidians, the high point of the year is the annual Summer Camp, a week long campout with meals provided. The location of past Summer Camps reads like a roster of scenic Northwest America: The Wallowas, the Grand Tetons, the High Sierras, the Sawtooths, the North Cascades, the Strawberries and of course the Oregon Cascades, to name but a few!

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Camp Robertson
Summer Camp 2016 ~ Ruby Mountains, Nevada

July 30 – August 5, 2016

The 2016 Obsidian Summer Camp—Camp Robertson—will be at the Lions Camp Lamoille in the Ruby Mountains south of Elko, Nevada.

Summer Camp Sign Up
Online sign up for Summer Camp will begin on Tuesday, March 15** about 7:00AM, followed within five days by submitting by mail a registration form along with your camp fees. Obsidian members will have signup preference for one week. A registration form, which includes detailed information and instructions, will be included as an insert with your March Obsidian Bulletin and also available as a download right here:

        Camp Robertson Registration Form

   **Nonmember registration begins March 22 (one week after Obsidian member signup starts).     

Summer Camp Rally
The Summer Camp Rally will be Friday, May 13 at 7:00PM at the Obsidian Lodge.  (Note: This is not the May potluck, so don’t bring food.)  The Rally will include details about Camp Robertson including what to expect, what to bring, maps of the area, a slideshow of the Rubies and a lot more.  You will be able to pick up your Camp Robertson Booklet at the Rally and ask any questions you may have.

Summer Camp Booklet

The Camp Robertson booklet is available in two PDF versions below.  The booklet provides detailed information about the camp such as how to get there, what to bring, what to expect and possible hikes and other activities.  A copy of the booklet will be distributed to all registered participants at the Summer Camp Rally on May 13.

Ruby Mtns SC 2016 Booklet    or   Ruby Mtns SC 2016 for Print

The booklet is a smaller size (8˝x5˝) than letter size (8˝x11) and it is provided above in two versions:
1 - The 'Booklet' version has the pages in numerical order and is best for viewing digitally.
2 - The 'Print' version is ordered so that it may be printed in duplex (both sides of a sheet of paper) on 8˝x11 paper, two booklet pages on each sheet side, then folded in half to make the 8˝x5˝ booklet.  If you have a duplex printer the printing is pretty straight forward to make things print right.  But, if not it is a bit tricky getting this to work out, but printing each side separately, odd pages pages first, then manually tuning the sheets over and then printing the even pages on on the reverse side, seems to work best.  But again it is tricky getting it right ~ good luck if you try this.
Note: The content of both versions are identical, only the page ordering is different.

"The Big Year" Movie Clip
"The Big Year", a movie about birding included a scene about searching for the elusive Himalayan snowcock in the Ruby Mountains that was shown at the May 13th Camp Rally.  If you would like to see it (or see again), click here:
Ruby Mtns Snowcock clip

About Summer Camp
The Ruby Mountains, the site of the Obsidian’s 2016 Summer Camp – Camp Robertson, were misnamed by soldiers exploring the area in the late 1800s when they mistook the garnets they found for rubies.  The Rubies, referred to by some as the Alps of Nevada, are a collection of glacier carved peaks with U-shaped valleys in northeastern Nevada.  In the Rubies you can find 25 lovely alpine lakes and 50 peaks above 10,000 feet, including 14 above 11,000 feet with the 11,387-foot Ruby Dome claiming top honors.  The Lamoille Canyon takes us into the heart of these spectacular mountains and up that canyon is where our camp will be located along Lamoille Creek.

So is there anything to do around there?  Well, you might take a hike!  The closest and easiest to access hikes leave from trailheads at the end of the Lamoille Scenic Byway, about 6 miles above our camp.  From there a number hikes take off, going south along the Ruby Crest Trail or north toward Island Lake.  The trail to Right Fork Canyon up to Goat Lake begins in camp.  A very easy nature trail is found just a couple miles above camp. For the more adventuresome (and fit) a climb of Ruby Dome would be something to consider.  Here are few websites you can checkout to get a feel for what is available in the area:

If you think you might like to take a break from hiking for a day (or two), there are other options in the area such as the Northeastern Nevada Museum in Elko, or the California Trail Historic Interpretive Center 10 miles west of Elko.  A drive around the Ruby Mountains could include a stop at the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge for a little birding – this might be the trip to take after an arduous day hiking the Rubies in search of the elusive Himalayan snowcock.  For gamblers in the bunch, Elko has plenty of casinos.   Seeking regional cuisine, and willing to forgo the great camp food, you might check out some of the local Basque restaurants.   Northern Nevada is the nation’s largest gold producer and some of the area mines offer free mine tours.  I am sure if you do a bit of creative Googling you will turn up a lot of other interesting things to see and do in this unique place.

More questions about Summer Camp? Contact John Jacobsen -



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