For many Obsidians, the high point of the year is the annual Summer Camp, a week long campout with meals provided. The location of past Summer Camps reads like a roster of scenic Northwest America: The Wallowas, the Grand Tetons, the High Sierras, the Sawtooths, the North Cascades, the Strawberries and of course the Oregon Cascades, to name but a few!


Camp Reiter ~ Obsidian Summer Camp 2020

Summer Camp 2020 is cancelled because of  COVID-19 concerns.

Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho ~ Chemeketan Campground

Friday August 7 - Friday August 14

                                           Looking across Sawtooth Lake at Mt. Regan                                                          Heading into the Sawtooths at the 2000 Obsidian Summer Camp

We are going back to the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho for Obsidian Summer Camp for the 6th time.  Rick Ahrens’ summer camp history shows five previous Summer Camps in the Sawtooths - Camp Chase in 1961 at Redfish Lake, Camp Lowry in 1983 up the Yankee Fork of the Salmon at the Bonanza Campground, Camp Montgomery in 1994 at the Chemeketan Campground, the Three Sages Camp in 2000 (Chemeketan CG) and Camp Hamilton in 2008 (Bonanza CG).   I have attended the last four of those camps and look forward to returning to one of my favorite Summer Camp locations at the Chemeketan CG.

The Chemeketan Campground, between Stanley and Ketchum, Idaho, is at the headwaters of the Salmon River. There is something for everybody in the Sawtooths! Hiking, kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, soaking in hot springs, climbing Mt. Borah (Idaho’s highest peak) , viewing wildlife, visiting the Yankee Fork dredge and Custer ghost town, taking the boat across Redfish Lake to hike or rock climb and possibly visiting the White Clouds Mountains.

Summer Camp will begin Friday, August 7.  Please do not arrive at camp before 1:00PM.  Friday dinner will be the first meal served.  A continental breakfast,  fixings to pack your own lunch and a catered dinner will provided each day.  Camp will end Friday August 14 with breakfast.

Where is the Chemeketan Campground exactly? Click here for Google map.

How far is the Chemeketan CG from Eugene and how do you get there?  Most directly it is about 580 miles.  Here is a  map of that route.

Watch the Obsidian Bulletin and this page for more information about Camp Reiter.  A registration form for Camp Reiter will be included with the April Obsidian Bulletin and will be available here too.  Online signup for members will be Sunday April 12 starting at 7:00AM and for nonmembers 3 days later.   The Camp Reiter Rally is scheduled for Friday, May 1st at 7:00PM at the Obsidian Lodge.  

Useful References

Sawtooth & White Cloud Mountains Trail Map, 2018,
Adventure Maps, Inc.
    This is a very good map of the area trails. Available online: Adventure Maps  or Amazon both $13.99

Guide Books
Trails of the Sawtooth and Boulder-White Cloud Mountains, 6th Edition, 2017 by Margaret Fuller
Available online: Amazon $23.95

Web Sites
    Sawtooth National Forest
     Stanley Trailhead to Idaho Adventure -  Lot of commercials from the Stanley Chamber of Commerce
     Stanley Ranger Station -  Ranger station in the area

John Jacobsen, Summer Camp Boss ~

As additional information becomes available, we will post updates here.

Oh, the Places We Have Been
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Strawberry Mountains
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2009 Summer Camp
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Sawtooth Mountains
2008 Summer Camp - Idaho

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