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Eastern Washington & Beyond
Spaces still available - sign up online
for  this great September Bus Trip.

Watch the sunset & the moonrise
from the top of Mt. Pisgah.  There are six chances
to see it until October.  Don't miss out.

Oregon Waterfowl
with Rick Ahrens at the September ExploraTalk.


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Hikers That Volunteer   from the
Eugene Outdoors 2017 Year in Review

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Coming Up
Aug 19 Hike Fuji Mtn
Aug 21 Hike Obsidian Lp
Aug 22 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Aug 23 Kayak Waldo Lk Kayak
Aug 23 Bike Willamette/Middle Fork
Aug 25 Climb Broken Top
Aug 25 Hike Pisgah Sunset/Moonrise
Aug 25 Hike Tahkenitch Cr
Aug 25 Hike S Waldo Huckleberry Hike
Aug 26 Climb S Sister
Aug 29 Trl Mnt
Aug 29 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Aug 31 Hike Obsidian Grand Tour
Sep 1 Bk Pk Broken Top via Tam McArth
Sep 2 Hike Cooper Cr Reservoir
Sep 4 CarCmp Mt Hood Car Camp
Sep 4 WrkPrty Fall Lodge Clean-up
Sep 5 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Sep 7 Bk Pk Maiden Lk
Sep 8 Climb The Husband
Sep 8 Hike Divide Lk
Sep 9 Climb The Wife
Sep 9 Climb Three Fingered Jack
Sep 10 Bus Exploring Eern Washington
Sep 11 Ext Trp Women's Olallie Lk Kayak

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