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Bus'n & Bird'n in Klamath Basin
The first Obsidian Bus Trip of 2017

Obsidian Bus Rally

Wilderness Management
Are we loving our national forests to death?
at the March ExploraTalk

America's National Parks
An Insider's Look at the March Potluck


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Feb 28 Ext Trp Shelter Cove XC Ski, Snow
Mar 1 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Mar 1 Bus Birding in Klamath Basin
Mar 4 SShoe Fish Lk
Mar 4 Hike Pisgah Trs
Mar 5 Bus Bus Trips Rally 2017
Mar 5 Xski Fawn Lk
Mar 8 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Mar 12 Hike Pisgah Moon Hike
Mar 14 Hike Pi Day
Mar 14 SShoe Tait’s Lp/Pulpit Rk
Mar 15 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Mar 19 Hike Mt Baldy
Mar 21 Expl Tlk Wilderness Management
Mar 22 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Mar 24 Potluck America’s National Prks
Mar 25 Trl Mnt
Mar 26 Hike Eagles Rest

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