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COVID-19 Impact

Obsidian COVID-19 protocols for hikes and bike rides have been updated to reflect Phase 2 openings.  Briefly:
•  We are now allowing non-members on urban hikes and bike rides.
  We are reinstating the collection of fees for trips and increasing the maximum group size to 12.
•  We are increasing the geographic scope of our trips within the state of Oregon.
•  We are not carpooling but are leaving it to the participants to manage their own transportation. 

If you plan to join Obsidian trips be prepared to abide by our protocols:   COVID-19 Protocols  


The OBSIDIAN Bulletin - 1936 to Present

The  July Bulletin should be available
online about July 19.

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Coming Up

Jul 10 Hike Lookout Cr
Jul 11 Hike Chambers Lk
Jul 12 Hike Three Mile Lk
Jul 14 Hike S Cinder Pk
Jul 15 Hike Eagles Rest
Jul 15 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Jul 15 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Jul 18 Hike Yapoah Crater Lp
Jul 18 Hike Red Bt
Jul 19 Hike Heceta Lighthouse via Chi
Jul 20 Hike Koosah Fls around Clear L
Jul 21 Hike Campus Walk Campus Walk
Jul 22 Hike Broken Top Crater
Jul 22 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Jul 22 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Jul 25 Hike Grizzly Pk
Jul 26 Hike Annual Beach Barefoot Hik
Jul 28 Hike Paradise Prk
Jul 29 Trl Mnt
Jul 29 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Jul 29 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Jul 31 Hike Obsidian Grand Tour
Jul 31 CarCmp N Umpqua Tr
Aug 1 Climb S Sister
Aug 2 Hike Mt Pisgah Sunset/Moonrise

All 2020 Bus Trips, ExploraTalks,
Potlucks and Summer Camp
 have been cancelled .

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