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Coffee Considerations
Why coffee tastes different at the September Potluck.

Get Acquainted Hike
A chance to find out about the Obsidians, hike the Ribbon Trail and visit our distinctive Obsidian Lodge.

The Ecology of Surprise
With Michael Nelson at the October ExploraTalk.

Sunset/Moonrise Hikes
All summer long and into fall too.


The OBSIDIAN Bulletin - 1936 to Present

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From the Media

Clearing toppled trees on Ridgeline Trail
 Register Guard  3/13/2019

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Sep 23 Bus Exploring the Olympic Pen
Sep 25 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Sep 27 Potluck Coffee Production
Sep 28 Trl Mnt National Public Lands Day
Sep 28 Hike Get Acquainted/Ribbon Tr
Sep 29 Hike Charlton Lk PCT via Tween
Sep 29 Hike Coffin Mtn / Bachelor Mt
Oct 2 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Oct 3 CarCmp Green Lks Tr
Oct 4 Climb Peregrine Traverse- Acker
Oct 4 Hike Amazon Cr Search
Oct 5 Hike Crabtree Valley
Oct 7 Hike Four In One Cone
Oct 7 Hike Mckenzie River Tr
Oct 8 Ext Trp S Slough Kayak/Canoe
Oct 9 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Oct 12 Hike Mt Pisgah Sunset/Moonrise
Oct 15 Expl Tlk Ecology of Surprise
Oct 16 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Oct 17 Bus Chinese History in Portla
Oct 20 Hike Lookout Cr Tr
Oct 23 Hike Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt

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