Eugene@150-Story Catchers


The Obsidians were asked to participate in Eugene@150-Story Catchers, a part of Eugene's 150th birthday celebrations.  Throughout 2012, in honor of Eugene’s birthday, Story Catchers has partnered with the City of Eugene to offer 150 Eugene residents and organizations the opportunity to record and preserve their stories, memories, and reflections.   Story Catchers is owned by Obsidian Marsha Barr.  On December 20, 2012, Janet and John Jacobsen recorded the following audio reflections about the Obsidians:

     Play Recording


Further information about Eugene@150 and Story Catchers is available at:

     The Storycatchers Website

     Eugene@150 - the City of Eugene's 150th celebration website

     150 years, 150 stories of what makes Eugene special by Bob Welch