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Helpful Outdoor Links:

These links can help you get outdoors or give you ideas for leading Obsidian trips.

Obsidian Summer Trips extras

This area hosts some extra docs/PDFs managed by the Summer Trips committee. It includes Permit Area Maps for leader planning. It is outside our main site, for easier updating.

Cascade Volunteers: Trail Condition Report

This page shows local trail conditions related to log-outs from our friends at Cascade Volunteers.


Bill Sullivan's site:   His books are widely used but this site has numerous updates.  Trails change, rules are adopted, signs disappear but Bill tries to keep up on these between editions of his books.


A big site, especially for hikes to the north. Their Field Guide will get you going to find all kinds of info including maps, driving instructions, trip reports, lots of cross-references.


Lots of info besides maps. Trail descriptions, driving instructions, and pictures. Also has general weather forecasts for each area 7 days out. Driving directions can be down loaded to your phone via Google maps.


This site by a local woman offers maps for tracks she recorded when she did a certain hike. (These can be downloaded as gpx files.) Trip descriptions are enhanced by pictures. Each hike listed is a personal travelogue.  It's the kind of resource that makes you want to check out the hikes presented. She also has a YouTube channel where you can view videos of some of the hikes.


A good source for finding trails in an area. User comments can provide information about recent conditions. The Pro version offers the ability to download maps, plan routes, and access a few extra map sources. Remember this is a user-driven app and the routes shown may involve off-trail recordings.


Where to go for reservations and permits


Forecasts by peak at three elevations

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