Carvan Outing

July 23-29, 1973

We’re off in a broiling sun. Everyone on their own until we meet at Wildcat Forest Camp in the Ochoco east of Prineville. Viewed Stein’s Pillar on the way. Nice Camp. Rather cool.

Next day headed for Parish Cabin Camp Ground just south of Strawberry Wilderness area. Everyone oriented as to where and how to get there and then left on there own, or follow anyone they wished. Spent the next day in this camp as some wished to do some hiking into the Wilderness area up to some lakes.

Next night camped in Dixie Forest Camp in the Malheur National Forest some 20 miles east of Prairie City on Hiway 26.

Took off the next day for lake McGone, pronounced McGoon, which lies in the Malheur National Forest north of Mt. Vernon on a forest road off of Hiway 395.

Here the party broke up, everyone going their own way. Some for home. Some to be home Sunday and one not coming home until Monday.

One party had their sleeping bag and camp gear in two fertilizer bags. One was branded Steer Manure, the other Oregon Manure, reported to have come from the State House, this last legislature having had a surpluss.

On this different kind of outing were: Mary Carr, Helen & Ada Smith, Ray Sims, Henry Jeppesen, Dolorous Haddad (Nee Jeppesen) and Chuck & Susan Haddad, Paula Vehrs, Nellie Harmon, Bob Medill and the leader Dorothy Medill.

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