Pine Mountain

July 28-29, 1973

Several had phoned in saying they wanted to go but would not get up to sign up Of all these, arrangements were made by phone to get those on foot & those driving together. Some were going earlier than the 10 o’clock that had been advertised and some would leave later and some were going over to Eastern Oregon a day or two ahead of time and would meet us on top on Sat. One car was coming from Corvallis and would meet us on top.

Went up to the Y Friday evening to get sign-up sheet but some one had already picked it up, so not knowing if anyone had signed up went to the meeting place Sat. A. M., but no one showed up so took off at the advertised time. Had made plans to meet at Cold Springs for lunch stop. Got there and found Paula, Gladys and Merle there. Then on to Pine Mtn. It was hotter than Hell’s Canyon but reaching the summit of old Piney found cool breezes blowing. Ah!!!

Some took hikes in different directions until around 6 we all seemed to get hungry at the same time. About 8 we all went up to the observatory where we were given a most thoro and lengthy discourse on astronomy, the equipment there and how to pin point the big machine on any one spot in the skies by a system of dials, figures, dates, minutes, seconds & XYZs and now and then a reference to Sear’s or Spiegel’s catalog. All very clear but left us more confused than when we left Eugene. The big disappointment at this time was the fact that there were no planets nor the moon until past visitor hours, but did show us a star (Vegas) which did nothing more than to increase its size.

The students there making themselves familiar with astronomy would have to be doing there thing about 9:30, so we all came back to camp and sat around telling stories, and each story teller in turn getting more outlandish with his or her yarn. Before a decision could be reached as to who would win the cold pancake one of the boys came down and told us that because of certain conditions (not visible to us) they would not be able to continue their studies and they would be glad to have us come up. A second invitation was not necessary and we were all Royally entertained until along towards midnight. We were able to gaze at a tiny cluster of stars called M3 in which it is said are a total of 100,000 stars all compacted in one small area, but we could only see 99,999. Maybe one hadn’t come up yet. Then we were allowed to gaze at a nebula with its myriads of spider-like hairs running in pattern-like directions And then what most of us wanted to sees a close-up look at one of our planets. Jupiter with its 12 moons (I always thot it was 7) but we only saw three all very clearly.

Got up in the morning and the star gazers all left for home going in different directions. Dr. Baldwin and Margaret by way of The Dalles; Glenn Meares and Cindy via Fall River to do some fishing; Clarence & Dorothy Scherer with sons Richard & Robert & a neighbor boy, Daniel Davis didn’t know just which way they would go so Paula Vehrs with Gladys Grancorvitz & Merle Traudt in her car decided to follo the Scherers to see where that was while Bob & Dorothy Medill headed east to the Snake & the Imnaha & other parts of that country. Bob Medill — leader.

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